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10 Best Free Baby Samples

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Being a new mom with the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars on baby supplies is very challenging. The good news is there’s great free baby stuff that’s available for the asking! There are many big stores offering free samples and bags of goodies.

The free baby samples often includes diapers, blankets, bottles, and many other baby freebies. You only need to register on the website or their programs to grab these free baby products.

This article covers the best free stuff you can get online for your baby – and our top tips on how to combine them to bag yourself a complete package.

Best Free Baby Stuff and Free Samples

1.  Amazon Baby Box

Best All-in-One Package

Here’s the signup page: Amazon Baby Box

If you want the best package containing everything, there is no better option than the Amazon Baby Welcome Box. It includes samples of a whole range of products you’ll, including for example diaper rash cream. The Amazon Baby Registry process is easy, and they use top-notch logistics to deliver this box as soon as possible.

Amazon does have registration requirements before you’re eligible for the free samples box:

  • You need to be a Prime member
  • You need to register for its Amazon Baby Registry service (that’s excellent and offers discounts and more)
  • You need to have at least $10 worth of purchases on the Registry service (either by you or family)


Apart from the essentials like diapers and bottles, you also get body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, baby wipes, storage pouches, breast pads, and milk storage bags. However, you must complete the entire registration process, filling out all the boxes, to get all that stuff.

It’s a relatively long registration list to complete and if you only want half of this stuff, you can complete the relevant half of the registration form.

Lastly, apart from the free stuff, you also get 15% off on baby purchases. You also get a one-year return facility for all the paid products.


  • Group gifting
  • Shop at any store
  • Free and fast delivery
  • Easy to register


  • You can’t see the items in person

2.  Babylist Welcome Box

Good for Free Toys

Here’s the signup page: Babylist Welcome Box

If you want toys in a baby registry welcome box, there is no better option than Babylist Registry. What makes this platform more suitable is the option to choose your journey, and you’ll get free guides and discounts on products with a free welcome box.

Visit their registry page, and they greet you by offering four packages. Choose the right one to begin the registration process and once you are done, be ready to get free samples and unbiased advice to make your shopping better personalised to your needs.


Since this is a universal kit, there is no guarantee about what you will get in the package. However, the website was generous enough to share the entire list of the freebies you get, so keep your fingers crossed as you register and wait for the samples.

In total, they have seven products to provide in a box, but you only get five of them in a welcome package. These products include a comfortable handheld breast pump, baby lotion, wash, wipes, diapers, a baby bottle, and exclusive toys.


  • Best for expecting parents
  • It comes with a surprise
  • You might get some money and coupons
  • The website is filled with tons of educational articles


  • There is no international shipping

3.  Walmart Baby Box

No Minimum Purchase Required

Here’s the signup page: Walmart Baby Box

Walmart is great at offering daily products at a lower cost, and the Walmart baby registry box is completely free. You only need to register yourself by completing form that we found easy to complete, and they’ll send you the product. Also, you don’t need to be close to your delivery due date to get this box: enter the estimated due date, and you’ll get the product a week before your delivery – which is a nice touch!


Walmart Baby Box has the biggest list of free products, including a healing ointment, breast pad, storage bags, diapers, body wash, shampoo, gripe water, butter for stretch marks, coupons, and milestone cards. The best part is that they add products from the best companies, so you can expect something premium when opening the box.


  • Biggest collection of free baby samples
  • Free returns and get a gift card
  • Order online or grab from a nearby store
  • Free shipping on all items


  • You cannot add items from other retailers

4.  BuyBuyBaby Goody Bag

Free $10 Rewards

Here’s the signup page: BuyBuyBuy Goody Bag

BuyBuyBaby makes things easier by allowing people to get a goody box from their outlets. You don’t need to visit the website and register; instead, visit a nearby BuyBuyBaby store, fill out the registration form and you can head home with your free baby box. They have multiple outlets across the USA. So, even if you order online, reaching you won’t take more than two days.


One good thing about their baby box is they wrap it properly like a gift. On top of that, you can order it anytime since they don’t care about when the baby is due. All the regular stuff babies need is in that box, and a registration guide to utilizing the discounts you can grab from their shops. In that box, you also get random baby toys or something else worth $10.


  • Up to $137 worth of goods
  • Jam-packed with full-size baby products
  • Tons of coupons
  • Available in all physical stores


  • Returns are not easy

5.  Target Baby Welcome Kit

Over $100 Value

Here’s the signup page: Target Baby Welcome Kit

For the premium baby box, Target does very well and its baby welcome kit is full of products that together adds up to $100 in value. Use their mobile app or the website to register to automatically get the free welcome kit. You can even register multiple times, for example if you have twins, to get more goodies.


You’ll also get exclusive deals and free products throughout the year. They didn’t share what you can get in the box, but the $100 worth of welcome kit will contain all the essential premium items from the most reputed brands. On top of that, you can always return this package to get a free coupon on any purchase.


  • Best value for moms to be
  • Free 15% discount on all items after registry
  • Random gifts for parents in each baby box
  • It might contain free books for guides


  • No information on what could be in the package

6.  Hey Milestone Sample Boxes

One Expensive Product

Here’s the signup page: Hey Milestone Sample Boxes

This sounds too good to be true: you can sometimes get a hospital-grade breast pump in their gift boxes but to do this you need to provide your insurance details in exchange for up to $500 worth of freebies. They also keep sending free pumping supplies until you are done breastfeeding.


If you like surprises, there is no better brand than Hey Milestone. They also include spare parts for products so you can keep going without spending a dime. This is a perfect spot if you want a box filled with products from top companies and tons of discounts after registering on their platform. The best part is that they allow you to choose the delivery day and provide the goods right at that time.


  • Breast pump of your choice
  • Limited edition baby box
  • Best for all ages and stages
  • So many things to try


  • The box is available until stock lasts

7.  Enfamil Family Beginnings Pack

Free Baby Formula Samples and Coupons

Here’s the signup page: Enfamil Family Beginnings Pack

If you are more interested in getting baby formulas than other products, register at Enfamil, and you are eligible to get free samples. With the registration, you also enter their sweepstakes and get a chance to win a free formula supply for an entire year. However, the company only provides its exclusive formulas in 300-500 grams of sizes. You also get free tips and special offers via mail and SMS after you become a member.


Choose whatever you want in the welcome box and the company will add them inside. Otherwise, you’ll only get free baby formula samples of different kinds. Another exclusive benefit you get with the baby box is the option to call a nurse and get advice 24/7.


  • Discount checks and digital rebates
  • A free set of belly badges
  • Win free formula for a year
  • Shop and earn rewards


  • Complicated online form

8.  Gerber Welcome Samples

Get Your Favorite Products

Here’s the signup page: Gerber Welcome Samples

Gerber aims to make the rollercoaster ride of parenthood much easier. This is why they offer tons of free stuff, including baby samples, discounts, and coupons. Their free Gerber baby samples are unique as they allow users to choose their favorite products for the babies. However, the options are still limited, but at least you’ll know what you are getting in the box.


Gerber is the best place if you want free baby samples. Simply add the relevant information while filling out the registration form, and you’ll get the box within days.


  • Tips and tricks made for parents
  • Access to experts 24/7
  • One-of-a-kind gifts
  • Up to $120 worth of goodies in a free baby registry box


  • They take time for restocking

9.  Free Nanobébé Sample Kit

Best Stuff for Moms

Here’s the signup page: Free Nanobébé Sample Kit

Typically, many companies focus on products for your new baby. Nanobébé aimed to provide women with top-notch products for both baby and mom, for example by offering their mom’s choice breast milk storage bags. Their welcome kit contains their award-winning Flexy Pacifier, which is extremely durable and soft for the baby.


Nanobébé only provides the best of the best samples in their welcome kit, which is why they never disclose what you’ll get in the box. You can check out online reviews to see what to expect, but they try to make every box unique with different options.


  • High-quality pacifier
  • Long-lasting breastmilk storage bags
  • Flex silicone baby bottles
  • Simple and catchy packaging


  • Shipping is not free

10.  PINCHme Free Samples

New Samples Monthly

Here’s the signup page: PINCHme Free Sample

PINCHme raised the bar by offering free samples to their members every month. So, if you want to grab something free every month, this is the perfect platform. However, those samples might not contain new products; instead, they simply change the formula and brands for a different experience. This gives you a good idea of which product is more suitable for your baby.


PINCHme samples vary with age; you’ll get the products based on your baby’s age. This is why they recommend entering the correct information while registering to get the right products.


  • Help you save money in your budget
  • Useful items every time
  • It might contain products for parents
  • You also get free candies


  • Sometimes the box is filled with animal treats

Buying Guide for Free Baby Samples

While you can find many programs offering free baby samples, not all of them contain the right goods. You must find the best programs and check what contents it has before purchasing. Here are some factors that can facilitate your purchase.

Check the Contents of the Box

The very first thing before you decide on any free baby welcome box is to check its contents. Since you can’t open the box, reading the description gives you a good idea of what’s inside. Most companies share the content of these boxes by mentioning their details, and some provide an unboxing video.

Free baby boxes must contain basic stuff like diapers, bottles, small blankets, pacifiers, and more. If you are not looking for an entire box but rather individual products, that makes things a lot easier.

Easy Registration

Another factor to check is that the program you want to choose must offer an easy baby registry, so you won’t end up ignoring it. Some websites offer free stuff but require you to complete the whole registration procedure, which gets complicated.

For example, you can complete the registration at 60% to get $10 worth of goodies, but completing the registration at 100% gets you $30 worth of products. In addition, you can also find programs that don’t require any registration. That saves a lot of time, and you can get free products without any issues.

Quick Delivery

You can get the initial baby stuff from a shop and wait for the free samples to arrive. However, waiting for a long time is unacceptable. Instead, they should finish the job within three to five days, so you can order another sample and get it before the first one is finished. Products like a free breast pump can last long, but free diapers will end up in days. So, before deciding, make sure that the program delivers the products in less than a week.

Ask the Doctor or the Hospital

A free baby welcome box is not only available online, but you can also find it in the hospital or your caring center. This might feel weird, but free baby clothes and diapers are mandatory for hospitals to provide. Some only give this stuff as long as you are admitted. But many give a small basket containing most free samples even after discharge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I get free diaper samples for my baby?

Yes, many online platforms and some hospitals offer such services. You can register with them and get a whole package full of free goodies. Grab them from a nearby clinic if you can’t wait for the goodies to arrive. On top of that, you can only use these services once for one kid since they require baby registration. This helps save a lot of money if the package comes as a whole box containing all the required stuff.

2. What baby items can I get for free?

On average, you can get free diapers, blankets, feeder bottles, pacifiers, warm blankets, and caps; some even offer free breast pumps. Simply put, it depends mostly on the program you follow for free baby goodies. Some companies have individual programs for free samples. Whichever program you opt for, ensure that it provides quality products quickly. Contacting customer support always comes in handy when you can’t find the list of free goodies.

3. How can I register for free baby samples?

You can start by finding a service, visiting their website, and finding the registration page. After opening the registration panel, you’ll be asked to enter the details about the baby. Add their name and their parent’s name, fill out other important information and submit the form. The company will contact you if they want more information to start the process. Within 24 hours, they’ll confirm whether you are eligible for their services.

The acceptance is more than 90% since most companies willingly provide these products without cost. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll get the goodies in less than two to three days, but it can take longer.

4. Is it okay to get free baby stuff by mail?

Most companies provide products from top brands for convenience, while some offer average products. Rest assured that they provide valid and safe products. However, searching and checking what samples you’ll get from such programs is better before opting for one. In case of a particular demand, you have to look for a company that provides such stuff. All in all, grabbing free samples via mail is safe, and can reduce your costs, but the wait can be irritating.


Getting a free welcome kit containing all the stuff you need is every mother’s preference. This article covered the ten best free baby samples, so you don’t have to spend money on the initials. We found the Amazon Baby Box is a great choice with the Walmart Baby Box an good alternative.

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