BabyThe Best All-In-Two / Hybrid Cloth Diapers

The Best All-In-Two / Hybrid Cloth Diapers

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All-In-Two Cloth Diapers (AI2) also called Hybrid Cloth Diapers, are one of my favorite types of reusable diapers. This is what I have mostly been using with my second daughter, together with all-in-ones and pocket diapers, and I would be using again and again if I had another baby (I wish!).

They are not as common as other types of cloth diapers, mainly because they haven’t been in the market for such a log time, so there isn’t as much of a choice. However, they are growing in popularity!

They consist in a waterproof cover that’s separate from the insert, and the insert either snaps to the cover or gets tuck in it. I really like this feature, because it means that I can keep reusing the same waterproof cover while changing the insert. That’s unless it gets dirty with the insert obviously.

Nowadays, it’s also easy to find inserts made of multiple layers, so that the urine goes through the outer layer and gets absorbed by the inner layers, leaving the baby’s bum nice and dry. 

This type of cloth diaper got the “hybrid” name because the absorbency layers used may be either cloth or disposable.

In this article I am going to take you through what I think are the best all in two cloth diapers out there for your baby! The list has been put together taking into consideration many different factors, such as fit, sizes, price, absorbency or range of patterns and colors.

Enjoy and happy diapering!

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Features of Hybrid Cloth Diapers

First of all, here’s all the features of all in two / hybrid cloth diapers:

  • They consist of two parts: a waterproof cover that’s separate from the insert, and the insert, which either snaps to the cover or gets tuck in it.
  • They come in either different sizes or “one size fits all”. One size AI2 / hybrid diapers have snaps so that you can adjust them to fit nicely around your baby.
  • The waterproof cover is usually made of PUL (Laminated Polyester), and it closes with either snaps or hook & loop.
  • Inserts can be made of various materials, from polyester to bamboo, or cotton.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Like I mentioned before, I love this type of cloth diapers. They are extremely versatile with the type of insert you want to use, they are not as bulky as all-in-ones or fitted diapers, and they are very economical.

The only reason I don’t exclusively use this type, but I mix it up with other types, is that I don’t find it to last as long as other cloth diapers before it starts leaking. I only used it at night with my first daughter until she was about 1.5 years old and still waking up at night: I would change her diaper when she was waking up.

I don’t use them at night with my second daughter as she totally wakes up if I try to change her diaper at night!

best all in two hybrid cloth diapers


Here’s more pros and cons of all in two cloth diapers.

Advantages of Hybrid Diapers

  • You can keep using the same outer over and over again until it gets dirty or starts to stink a little bit. Now that my baby is on solids and doesn’t poo as often, I usually use only one to two covers a day and I keep changing the insert.
  • It can be quite affordable as you don’t need as many waterproof covers per insert that you buy. I would buy at least 5 inserts per outer.
  • You can actually use any insert you prefer. You are not necessarily stuck with one brand.
  • They are usually made of synthetic material so they dry super quick.
  • Because the liners are detached from the waterproof cover, they also dry pretty quick. Also, you can put the inserts in the tumble drier without worrying about damaging the cover.
  • Easy to customize for heavy wetters or nighttime by using different or extra inserts.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Diapers

  • The insert can move, particularly if your baby is very wriggly. When that happens they can leak and are not that effective against diaper blowouts.
  • Not as absorbent as other types of cloth diapers. You could stuff them up with very absorbent inserts, but I find that if you do that, then they loose the nice fit around baby’s legs and leak anyway.
  • Because they are made of two separate parts, they can appear to be more complicated than other cloth diapers.

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The Best All-In-Two / Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best AI2 / hybrid cloth diapers, taking into consideration price, quality and pros/cons.

PS. You may stumble across the Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers as being advertised as AIO/Hybrid Diapers. However, they are pocket diapers! As such, I have included them in the Best Pocket / Modern Cloth Diapers.

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Why the best?

  • One size: 8 lbs+

  • Snaps or hook & loop closure

  • Inserts snap to the outer cover to stay in place

  • Leg gussets to prevent leaking

  • One size: 7 lbs+

  • Snaps or hook & loop closure

  • Cover with two pockets to fit the insert in

  • One size

  • Double leg gussets to prevent leaking

  • Inserts snap to the outer cover to stay in place

  • Snaps or hook & loop closure

  • Nice prints

  • Cover has a pocket to tuck in the insert so it doesn't move

  • Good choice of subtle prints

  • Economical

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1) GroVia

The GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper is a one size cloth diaper for babies 8+ lbs. It is a top of the range type of cloth diaper, so it is a bit pricey. However, if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed!

I like that the waterproof shell is available in either snaps or hook & loop closure, so you can choose your preferred system. What I also like is that the inserts are sold separately, so that you can buy any insert you prefer. GroVia sells the following inserts for their hybrid diaper:

All these inserts snap to the outer cover, so that it’s easier for them to stay in place. This is such a bonus, trust me! Particularly when your baby starts wanting to move a lot and changing their diaper becomes a mission!! It’s already hard to put a diaper on a baby that doesn’t want to stay on their back. Imagine having to also try to keep the insert in place while doing that.

The Soaker Pads also have leg gussets to prevent leaking and a TPU waterproof layer underneath to keep the shell dry. This last feature is actually awesome, because the last thing you want is an insert that lets the pee on the waterproof cover, making it wet and stink so that you can’t reuse it.

The Soaker Pads are perfect for day time, whereas the Boosters can be a great addition for overnight or heavy wetters.

>> Buy the GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper on Amazon here <<

2) Flip

The Flip Hybrid Diaper from BumGenius is also a one size hybrid diaper for babies that are 7+ lbs. You can use the snaps of the outer cover to adjust the diaper to baby’s size. I enjoy using any type of diaper from BumGenius and this is no exception. One size, nice color patterns, choice of hook & loop or snap closures, and nice fit.

The insert is sold separately and these following inserts are particularly designed to work with this cover:

  • Flip Stay-Dry Insert: made of 3 absorbent layers of microfiber and a smooth stay-dry suede that keeps your baby drier by wicking moisture away from your baby. It can be folded to fit babies of all sizes.
  • Flip Organic Daytime Insert: very soft, absorbent and made from certified organic cotton. It is a single layer that can also be folded to fit babies of all sizes. 
  • Flip Organic Overnight Insert: also made from certified organic cotton but thicker and more absorbent for night time.
  • Flip Disposable Insert: to take any stress away when you are out and about and don’t feel like taking with you too many cloth diapers. 

You can buy these inserts here. I don’t particularly like the fact that some of the inserts require folding. I know it doesn’t take long to fold them but, still, I prefer an easy ready-to-go insert. A good feature though is the fact that the cover has two pockets to fit the insert in. This helps the insert stay in place which is always a bonus.

>> Buy the Flip Hybrid Diaper on Amazon <<

3) Best Bottom

The Best Bottom Hybrid Cloth Diaper is another one size hybrid diaper, fitting all babies from newborns to 35+ lbs. It comes with either snaps or hook & loops and its available in many different colorful prints.

Again, the insert is not included in the price of the diaper and, if you want to buy Best Bottom inserts, you have the choice of multiple inserts, including:

  • Stay Dry insert:  made of 4 layers of super thirsty microfiber topped with a super soft no-pill fleece, pulling wetness away from baby’s bottom and keeping them feeling dry. 
  • Hemp/Organic Cotton insert: made of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece.
  • Bamboo Insert: made of 6 layers of silky soft bamboo viscose.

You can buy all these types of inserts from Nicki’s Diapers website here. All inserts snap to the inside of the outer cover, which helps the insert stay in place. One downside is that the inserts come in different sizes, so you need to buy different inserts as you child grows.

4) SmartNappy

The SmartNappy Hybrid Diaper is a great solution if you are looking for something that’s a bit more economical, yet of good quality and performance. I also like the choice of subtle prints, instead of all the usual bright colors.

The biggest downside of this diaper though is that it is not a one size. In fact, it comes in the following sizes, meaning you need to buy more diapers as the baby grows:

  • Size 1: 5-10 lbs
  • Size 2: 8-15 lbs
  • Size 3: 12-25 lbs
  • Size 4:22-40 lbs

The inserts also come in three different sizes, and require folding, which I am not a big fan of. A nice feature, on the other hand, is the fact that the cover has a nice pocket to fit the insert in to prevent it from moving. Also, each cover comes with an insert and a booster included in the price.

Compatible with disposable inserts as well. Only comes with hook & loop closure.

>> Buy the SmartNappy Hybrid Diaper on Amazon here <<


1) How do you wash all in one cloth diapers?

It’s super easy, just throw them in the wash with the rest of your clothes and hang them in the sun to get rid of any stains! If there is poop on it, first rinse it in the toilet.

You can have a read here for lots of tips on how to wash cloth diapers.

2) Do you really save money using cloth diapers?

YES!! Maybe not immediately but, in the long run, you will save lots of money! Have a look here at a price comparison between cloth diapers and disposables.

3) What are the different types of cloth diapers?

All in one cloth diapers are only one of the many different cloth diapers out there that you can choose from. You can find out about all the different types with their pros and cons here: The different types of Cloth Diapers – How do I choose the right one?

best all in two hybrid cloth diapers

The Best All-In-Two / Hybrid Cloth Diapers: Final Thoughts

Here it is mama, my list of best all in two cloth diapers! I hope you’ve found this information useful and that you are ready to start buying more cloth diapers for our baby!

I have absolutely loved my cloth diaper journey with my daughters and all in ones definitely made it so much easier and enjoyable.

For more tips, information and product recommendations on cloth diapers, also check out these related posts:

Do you have any question about any of the information provided above? Or have you used all in two cloth diapers with your kids and would like to share your thoughts? Is there’s another product that you think should be added to this list? Then please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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