BabyThe Best Reusable Swim Diapers

The Best Reusable Swim Diapers

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If you are looking at getting into the pool or going to the beach in a hot summer day, and your baby is still not potty trained, then you need a swim diaper. So why not use reusable swim diapers? They do a perfect job at holding solids in, just like disposable ones, and they look super cute!!

I have used reusable swim diapers for both my daughters from the first day they both got in the pool at 3 months of age and never looked back 🙂 I have tried a couple of different ones before finding my favorite one, but I definitely never felt the need to use a disposable.

If you want to find out more information on how to use reusable swim diapers (how they work, how to clean them, pros compared to disposables, etc.) you can have a look at this link. Otherwise, if you have already made up your mind that you are going to be using reusable swim diapers for your baby, but just need some help choosing one, here’s a list of the best reusable swim diapers!


Features of Reusable Swim Diapers

Firs of all, before I dive into the list of best reusable swim diapers, I’d just like to remind you that because it’s a swim diaper, it’s not meant to hold any pee in. It doesn’t have any absorbency. And this applies to both reusable and disposable swim diapers.

This means that reusable swim diapers are not as bulky as cloth diapers. They also don’t require any insert, so they are extremely easy to put on and take off.

Depending on the brand, they can be even easier than disposable swim diapers! I use the Bambino Mio swim diaper, for example, which is just a pull-up diaper: it doesn’t even require snaps or velcro.

What if my baby poops in the water?

Well, the swim diapers’ job, reusable of disposable ones, is to hold the poop in for long enough to give you the time to take the baby out of the water and avoid a mess in the swimming pool or the sea. So, if your baby poops in the water, take them out straight away and change their diaper before getting back in.

Note that no swim diaper is designed to hold in runny poos or newborn poos (that are very liquid)! If you child has diarrhea, do not take them swimming, as you could be in for a disaster 🙂

You can read more on how to deal with a poop and how to clean reusable swim diapers here: How to Use Reusable Swim Diapers (the Ultimate Guide!)

5 Best reusable swim diapers

Take a spare

One of the best tips I have with regards to reusable swim diapers is to always take a spare, particularly if going to the beach for a while. Usually swimming lessons at the swimming pool are no longer than 30 minutes, so you should be fine with just one diaper. But if you go to the beach, I am guessing you will spend more than 30 minutes there, so be prepared for a diaper change.

Swim Diapers and Newborns

Swim diapers in general are not really designed for newborns, as little ones tent to have very liquid poos, particularly if breastfed. These will leak out of a swim diaper no matter what.

Usually swimming lessons at the pool are only for babies that are older than 3 months, so you should be fine by then. But if you have a newborn in the middle of summer and want to dip them in the water at the beach or in a pool, I would suggest doing it after they’ve had a poop, just to avoid any accidents 🙂

You can read more on how to use reusable swim diapers with newborns, particularly if breastfed, here: How to Use Reusable Swim Diapers (the Ultimate Guide!)

5 of the best reusable swim diapers

The Best Reusable Swim Diapers

Without further ado, here’s the list of the best reusable swim diapers, looking at price, quality and pros/cons. Choose the right one for you and happy diapering! 🙂

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Why the best?

  • No snaps or hook & loop

  • Fun range of colors and patterns

  • Super soft inside made of cotton terry

  • Draw strings for a perfect fit

  • Choice of snaps or no snaps

  • Fun range od colors and patterns

  • Super soft inside made of organic cotton

  • Built-in absorbent padding

  • Draw strings for a perfect fit

  • Fun range od colors and patterns

  • Extra absorbent inner layer

  • Option of a one-piece swimsuit with build in swim diaper

  • Double leg gussets to prevent leaks

  • One size fits all

  • Super easy to wash

  • Fun range of colors and patterns

  • Leak proof!

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1) Bambino Mio

The Bambino Mio reusable swim diaper is definitely my number 1 choice. This is what I love about it:

  • Extremely easy to put on and take off, just like any underwear. I like the fact that, for once, I do not have to staple gun my daughter to the changing table to put a diaper on with snaps or hook & loop. Particularly since my second daughter started rolling and crawling, she does not like to lay still for more than 2 seconds, which makes changing her diaper quiet a challenge. With the Bambino Mio swim diaper, it doesn’t matter if she’s on her back, on her tummy, or standing up, it’s just so easy.
  • Such a huge range of colors and patterns! Who doesn’t like a baby with a super cute diaper at the beach?? For boys, for girls, gender neutral, with crabs, mermaids, etc. Bambino Mio has really come up with some fun designs.
  • The inside is made of cotton terry, so it’s nice and soft on baby’s bum.
  • It has draw strings so that you can adjust the size to a perfect fit, particularly if you have a slightly smaller baby.

The disadvantage of this diaper is that it’s not one size, meaning one diaper won’t fit your baby from newborn to potty training. You have to buy new diapers at different stages and it can become a bit expensive. It comes in 4 different sizes:

Also, if the baby poos in the diaper, it’s not as easy to change it without getting poop on your baby legs or on the towel underneath. I mainly use the swim diapers for just 30 minutes at the swimming pool, so I know the chances of having an accident in the pool are limited. However, when at the beach the whole day, I must admit I don’t quite enjoy changing this swim diaper when it has poop in it.

>> Buy the Bambino Mio Swim Diapers on Amazon here <<

2) Charlie Banana

The Charlie Banana swim diapers are very similar to the Bambino Mio ones, which is why I also really like this brand. They come in a whole range of colors and patterns to choose from, it has a draw string for the perfect fit and the inside is made of organic cotton.

One of the coolest features of this diapers is that they have a small layer of absorbency inside. This makes them ideal for potty training too! This doesn’t affect bulkiness, so why not use them as both swim diapers or potty training diapers?

They also come in a choice of snaps or no snaps, so that you can choose the most suitable solution for yourself. Like a mentioned above for the Bambino Mio reusable swim diaper, having no snaps or hook & loop can make it quite messy when changing a swim diaper. Snaps could be the solutions you are looking for.

The Charlie Banana swim diapers come in four different sizes:

  • Small: 10-14 pounds
  • Medium: 14-20 pounds
  • Large: 20-27 pounds
  • X-Large: 27- pounds

>> Buy the Charlie Banana swim diapers on their website here <<

3) I Play

The i Play reusable swim diaper is another similar option to the two above. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and it has an extra absorbent inner layer, with the liner that wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin.

The main difference from the Charlie Banana or Bambino Mio reusable swim diapers is that the i Play swim diaper only comes with snaps down one side for fast and easy change in case of a poop. This could be your preferred option if you prefer snaps.

It comes in 6 different sizes:

  • Small:  10-18 pounds; 3-6 months
  • Medium:  18-22 pounds; 12 months
  • Large:  22-25 pounds; 18 months
  • XLarge:  25-30 pounds; 24 months
  • 3T:  30-37 pounds; 3 years
  • 4T:  37-46 pounds; 4 years

>> Buy the i Play swim diaper on Amazon here <<

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The i Play brand also has the option of one-piece swimsuits with a built in diaper. This one doesn’t have snap for easy diaper changes, obviously, but it makes diaper changes easier for so many parents because they only have to worry about changing one item, instead of taking the swimsuit off first to access the diaper.

I guess it really comes down to personal choices and how to prefer to do things!

>> Buy the i Play One-Piece Swimsuit with Built In Diapers on Amazon here <<

4) Thirsties

The Thirsties swim diaper is great if you are looking for a diaper that will last for your baby until they are potty trained. It is a one size fits all, with snaps that allow you to adjust the diaper’s size. It also comes with snaps to put the diaper on and take it off, which some people prefer.

The greatest feature about this swim diaper is the double leg gussets, which are particularly effective in keeping solids in.

It doesn’t come in many colors / patters like other swim diapers.

>> Buy the Thirsties Swim Diaper on Amazon here<<

>> Buy the Thirsties Swim Diaper on Nicki’s Diapers here <<

5) Happy Nappy

The Happy Nappy swim diaper offers the greatest guarantee of no leaks! It’s made of soft 1 mm thick neoprene, shaped to fit snugly around baby’s bottom, whilst specialist fabric ribs around the waist and thighs to stop any leaks escaping into the water. It’s definitely not as easy to put on and take off compared to the other swim diapers. However, if you can deal with that, you can be sure there will be no mess in the water.

It’s also easy to wash with just cool clean water – it doesn’t need to be machine washed. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

It comes in 4 different sizes:

  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 12-24 months

>> Buy the Happy Nappy swim diaper on Amazon here <<


[expand title=”Are reusable swim diapers worth it?”]

Absolutely!! I really don’t get why people use disposable swim diapers, reusable ones are so effortless and so good for the environment. And, by the way, neither reusable or disposable swim diapers are designed to keep pee out of the water. They are both meant to just keep the poo from leaking out, and I actually think the above listed reusable swim diapers do a better job than disposables.


[expand title=”Do reusable swim diapers hold pee?”]

No, they don’t. But neither do disposable swim diapers! Swim diapers are just meant to keep the poo from leaking into the water, not hold any pee.


[expand title=”Can swim diapers hold poop?”]

Yes, both reusable and disposable swim diapers can hold poop, but not for a very long time. And they don’t prevent bacterial leakage, so if you baby poos in the pool, take them out for a diaper change straight away. Also, note that neither reusable or disposable swim diapers can hold diarrhea or the very liquid poo of a newborn. Rule #1 is do not take your child swimming if they have diarrhea.


[expand title=”How do you wash reusable swim diapers?”]

Reusable swim diapers are super easy to wash compared to cloth diapers. Just wash them in cold or warm water and tumble dry on low or air dry. If you used them at the swimming pool, make sure to rinse them with non-chlorinated water.


[expand title=”Do reusable swim diapers go under swimsuit?”]

They don’t need to, but they can fit under a swimsuit if you prefer. I have seen lots of parents of little girls using a swimsuit over the reusable swim diaper. They obviously prefer to dress their little girl in a cute swimsuit that covers their daughter’s chest. However, it’s not done to increase the performance of the swim diaper.


5 reusable swim diapers for the beach or pool

The Best Reusable Swim Diapers: Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found the reusable swim diaper of your choice for your baby to go and play at the beach or swimming pool!

To summarize, I really believe all the brands listed above are great and worth the investment. The one that will work best for you mainly depends on the features that you like the most (i.e. snaps or no snaps, one-size swimsuit over separate top to the swim diaper, one size vs different sizes, etc.).

The Charlie Banana swim diapers and the i Play reusable swim diapers have an extra thin layer of absorbency, which can help if you want to use them for potty training as well.

The Thirsties swim diaper come in one-size fits all, so perfect if you want only one swim diaper that will last all the way till diapers are not needed anymore.

The Happy Nappy swim diaper is perfect for the moms that are terrified of their baby having an accident in the water.

The Bambino Mio is for a super easy solution to put a diaper an on off, just like a normal swimsuit, with a string to adjust the size around the waist.

If you want more tips for going to the beach with a baby, also read these posts:

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If you are also considering normal cloth diapers, then check out my comprehensive guides and course for beginners here!

Are you a mom who’s considering reusable swim diapers and have more questions about the diapers I listed above? Or have you used other reusable swim diapers that you really liked and that you think should be added here? Then please let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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