Courses20+ Best Online Breastfeeding Courses (FREE Classes too!)

20+ Best Online Breastfeeding Courses (FREE Classes too!)

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Breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally or easily to every new mom. I know, I was one of them!

When I was pregnant I had this idea that breastfeeding was going to be so easy. I thought all the stories of women that struggled with it were because those moms were too stressed and didn’t follow their instinct. Boy, was I wrong.

It definitely didn’t come naturally: I struggled to get a good latch and was in excruciating pain for about 6 weeks postpartum. My nipples constantly felt like they had needles in them and I used to dread every single feed for quite a long time.

It was only after understanding the breastfeeding basics, taking an online breastfeeding course and talking to a lactation consultant that I finally learnt how to feed my baby in a comfortable breastfeeding position. That allowed my baby to latch properly so it wouldn’t hurt, and the nipple pain started fading away.

Taking an virtual breastfeeding class was probably one of the best investments I ever made and, if you are also struggling with breastfeeding or are looking into pumping before going back to work, I really encourage you to take one.

Actually, if you are still pregnant and reading this post, I recommend you take a course right now! It’s such a shame that antenatal classes don’t usually cover breastfeeding. There’s no reason to wait to find out how to do it properly, or to wait until you do start experiencing pain.

Because finding or attending a breastfeeding course near you is not always an option (thanks covid-19!), I have collected here a list of the best online breastfeeding courses available out there, including free online breastfeeding classes if you can’t afford a paid course. You will find details for each course, what’s included, their price and their pros and cons.


When should I Take a Breastfeeding Class?

Like I mentioned above, you should be taking a breastfeeding class while you are still pregnant. Anytime after 12 weeks of pregnancy would be a great time to begin preparing for your little one to arrive and take a breastfeeding class, as well as a birthing class.

I personally wouldn’t wait until 30 weeks or so, as you never know – you might be early (watch out for those signs of early labor)! Better safe than sorry … I personally regret not taking a class while I was still expecting and I feel like I paid for it with all the pain I went through.

Plus, most virtual breastfeeding courses listed below give you lifetime access, so you can review class material as many times as you want before and after your little one arrives. If your baby arrives earlier than expected, you can still benefit immediately from knowledge gained through the class.

That said, if you have already given birth and struggling with breastfeeding in any way, taking a class and/or talking to a lactation consultant is still the best option. The strategies and techniques that you will learn throughout the course will help you get back on the right track as soon as possible and hopefully get rid of the pain real soon.

Not to mention that lots of the online courses below cover pumping in great depth. So, if you are going back to work and need to start storing milk and bottle feed, or if you simply prefer to pump exclusively instead of breastfeeding from the breast, there’s a lot that you can learn in here!

If you are struggling with adjusting to life with a new baby in general, also check out these tips for first time moms, and tips on how to survive the first three months with a newborn.

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Why Online Breastfeeding Courses?

If you are on the verge of deciding whether to enroll in a face-to-face or online breastfeeding course, here’s all the reasons why an online class could be the best option for you!

  • Unlimited access: with online classes you get access to the material for as long as you want. In fact, most classes come with lifetime access, which means that you can watch the lessons whenever you want and as many times as you want. Are you planning on having a second baby in the future? Watch the course again when baby number two comes, as a refresher!
  • Watch in your own time: you don’t need to stick to any schedule other than what you decide for yourself. Watch the classes in your own time. Start, stop, start again, re-play. You are free to do whatever you want to fit the course in your busy life.
  • Still get professional help: almost all classes listed below are taught by Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), so you can be sure you are still getting information from the most qualified people in the field.
  • Choose the class that best fits your need: many of the course providers presented here have multiple classes available that cover different subjects, so that you can choose the class that best suits you. If you already have a baby for example, you might not want to skip all the pre-birth exercises and preparation. Or, if you are just worried about pumping, you might want to stick to a course that covers just that.
  • Safer with covid-19: assuming you can, do you really want to attend face-to-face classes during a pandemic? I know you won’t be meeting other parents with an online course, but at least you can be safe you won’t be putting yourself at risk and contract the virus.

The 12 Best Online Breastfeeding Courses

With no further ado, here’s a list of the best breastfeeding courses available online. While I go into the details of each course , the table below summarizes their price (so you can filter through the ones that you can afford), why I personally think they are the best, and for how long you get access to the material.

If all classes listed below seem too expensive, or you are too scared to invest in a paid course without knowing how it will benefit you, then feel free to also check out the free online breastfeeding courses listed further down the article.


Milkology courses provide you with a wealth of knowledge and are all extremely affordable at the same time!

Stacey, the founder, is a Certified Lactation Educator who experienced pumping and breastfeeding with her twins and is on a mission to educate as many moms to help them reach their breastfeeding and pumping goals.

She’s actually created 5 different courses, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. And, at the moment, she has a coupon code available (BREASTFEEDLOVE) to get 10% off all classes!

There’s also a free course available from Milkology, which could be a good stepping stone if you are unsure whether to enroll in one of the paid courses or not. You can read more on this further down the article.

1.1) The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is a 90 minutes breastfeeding course covering everything you need to know about breastfeeding in 13 easy-to-watch lessons. It is the most comprehensive of all her courses.

The lessons are divided into 5 sections:

  • Step 1 – Discover The Benefits: this module covers all the properties of breast milk and what the benefits of breastfeeding are for both mom and baby.
  • Step 2 – Understand the Process: covers how milk supply works, how it could be affected or what to do to increase it if you are not producing enough or experiencing a drop in milk supply.
  • Step 3 – Learn the Techniques: explains how to achieve a good latching and positioning to avoid pain or discomfort, and so that you can keep producing the desired amount of milk. This, for me, was the key aspect I wish I had known sooner to have the perfect breastfeeding experience. Stacey explains it quite well, though I wish she covered a wider variety of breastfeeding positions and included more videos of moms actually breastfeeding. That said, I like how she suggests getting in touch with a Lactation Consultant if none of the tips she gives seem to help. The module also gives a general overview of expressing and storing milk and gives you access to a 10% off coupon code to the Pump It Up! course.
  • Step 4 – Know What to Expect: this module goes through what to expect with a baby in terms of breastfeeding (but not only that!) from birth to the toddlers age. Stacey gives lots of tips on how to know if your baby is gaining enough weight, how to introduce a bottle, what to wear if you are breastfeeding, and even weaning tips for when baby is older.
  • Step 5 – Find Support & Get Prepared: here’s Stacey gives you tips on how to find help if struggling with breastfeeding, such as getting in touch with a Certified Lactation Consultant or support groups. She also encourages you to educate yourself so you can avoid unwanted stress and gives recommendations on products that could help making your breastfeeding journey easier.

Cost: $27

Sign up for the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class here!

1.2) Master Your Milk Supply

Master Your Milk Supply is an online course specifically designed for moms that are worried they are not getting enough milk and that they might be losing their milk supply. It is made up of 6 short videos covering how to make enough milk, how to increase the supply if you need to and how to build a freezer stash if pumping.

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Cost: $19

Sign Up for Master Your Milk Supply here!

1.3) Pumping Classes

Aside from the two courses listed above, Milkology also offer 3 virtual courses for moms that are pumping:

  • The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class: this course is very comprehensive and is perfect for moms that need to transition back to work but are not quite sure how to continue pumping/breastfeeding while doing it. It includes 13 videos that cover quite a lot, such as: how to maximize milk expression, how to build a freezer stash of milk while on maternity leave, how to get baby to take the bottle, what to do if you are not pumping enough, etc. It can be really useful if your baby is suddenly refusing the bottle. And read our article on the ten best pumps available.
  • The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class: this course is for moms that want to pump only. Whether you are not able to breastfeed from the breast, or simply don’t want to, this is for you! It includes 11 videos covering strategies to maximize your output, information on how often and how long you need to pump for, how to store milk efficiently, and more.
  • Pump It Up!: this short course is for moms that are worried about not being able to pump enough milk. It includes 5 lessons covering strategies to increase your pumping output, tips to ensure you don’t run out of your freezer stash too quickly, the biggest mistakes that women make when pumping, and more. Read our article on pumping schedules here.

Cost: $19-$27


Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE is a course from Birth Boot Camp. This company mainly offers prenatal courses, and the breastfeeding class is included in both their Comprehensive Childbirth and Homecoming Classes as well.

If you are still pregnant, I would definitely encourage you to take a whole prenatal / birthing class, and it’s great that Birth Boot Camp also offers breastfeeding education with that. However, if you are only interested in the breastfeeding class, this is of great value!

The difference from Milkology is that you get everything at once. If you are only interested in pumping, for example, this might be too much for you 🙂

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The online course is extremely comprehensive and is taught by Mellanie, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). It includes: specific instructions on how to breastfeed, tips on how to properly latch and prevent nursing pain, how milk production works, troubleshooting problems that may come up, pumping, introducing bottles and returning to work, what to expect as the baby grows, and much more.

Cost: $50

Sign Up for Breastfeeding – The Ultimate MRE here!


Lactation Link, similar to Milkology, offers separate courses depending on what you need (more expensive than Milkology though!) These are taught by Lindsey, a RN, Childbirth Educator and Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

There are three different online courses available, which can be bought separately or all together as a bundle. These are more expensive than other virtual breastfeeding courses so, if you were serious about signing up, I would definitely recommend the bundle for $197, which gives you lifetime access to all three courses and to a private Facebook group where you can get your questions answered by a community of other breastfeeding parents.

As a side note, Lindsey also offers free online workshops and eConsults (10, 25 or 60 minutes) for mothers in need! A free 6-day email course is also available and you can read more about it further down the post.

3.1) Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics is a 70 minute comprehensive course covering everything you need to know to get started with breastfeeding your baby. From what to do with your first feed to finding breastfeeding support in your community.

I would definitely recommend this to a pregnant (or very new mom) that wants to get ahead of the game and be confident with breastfeeding before baby even arrives. It includes information on: benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby, breastmilk composition, the let down reflex, latching, positioning, hand expressing, how often to feed, troubleshooting if baby doesn’t latch, hunger cues, and much more.

What I really like about the course is that it contains video demonstrations, which I believe are extremely important to learn how to get your baby to latch properly and avoid pain!

Cost: $97

Sign up for Breastfeeding Basics here!

3.2) Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-To’s

The Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-To’s course lasts about 60 minutes and covers all the common problems that new moms usually go through when breastfeeding for the first time.

While it could be useful to go through this while pregnant, this is probably more suited for moms that are currently experiencing some of these problems, including pain, discomfort and frustration. This is such an amazing and useful course, and the only other equivalent is Troubleshooting Breastfeeding from The Breastfeeding Mama.

The course covers the following: skin breakdown, jaundice, thrush, mastitis, tongue-tie, the use of a nipple shield, how to increase milk supply, biting, weaning options, etc.

Cost: $97

Sign up for the Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-To’s here!

3.3) Pumping and Storing Breastmilk

The Pumping and Storing Breastmilk course if perfect for moms that want to learn to express and store breastmilk.

This one is only 45 minutes long, but it gives you all the information you need to become a pro at pumping! It covers: how to work with your employer, how to get a free breast pump through insurance, info on pump parts, how to maximize milk expression, how to introduce a bottle, how to build a freezer stash, safe handling, storage and warming guidelines for breastmilk, etc.

Cost $97

Sign up for the Pumping and Storing Breastmilk course here!


Here’s another awesome provider of online breastfeeding classes! Possibly my best pick 🙂

The founder, Katie, is a Certified Lactation Educator and studying to become a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and she offers three separate courses so you can choose the one that best suits your need.

The three online courses are sold either separate or as a bundle, The Complete Online Breastfeeding Class. This is just $39.99, so I would really go for it if I were you, particularly if I was still pregnant and wanting to prepare in advance!

4.1) Breastfeeding Essential

The Breastfeeding Essential course offers over 90 minutes of content, covering quite a lot actually! You really get a good value for money with this course and I highly recommend it.

The classes are split into 4 sections, covering the following:

  • Preparation During Pregnancy: this module covers things that you can start looking into while still pregnant, such as checking if you can get a free breast pump via insurance, finding a support network or understanding the different stages of lactation.
  • Right After Birth: this module covers what to expect soon after birth, skin to skin, proper latching and positioning, hand expressing, and much more. I absolutely love this module and the explanations that Katie gives in the videos. And I love the fact that she goes through so many different positions to try out with baby.
  • You’re Home … Now What?: this module covers what is normal to expect when breastfeeding (weight gain, cluster feeding, some soreness, etc.) and what to look out for if you are experiencing issues that need to be evaluated by medical professionals. It also covers introducing a bottle and supplementing (if that’s something that you want to do).
  • Milk Supply and Pumping: this module covers supply and demand and what to do if experiencing a drop in milk supply, the basics of pumping and the different types of pumps.

Cost: $24.99

Sign up for the Breastfeeding Essential course here!

4.2) Demystifying Pumping and Milk Supply 

Whether you want to exclusively pump or just want to be prepared in case you need to, this Demystifying Pumping and Milk Supply class is for you!

The course covers everything you need to know about milk supply and how to tell what’s “normal”, whether you are producing enough milk, what to do if you are experiencing a drop in supply, etc. It also goes through how to pump, the different types of pumps, tips to make it easier, power pumping, and more.

Cost: $24.99

Sign up for the Demystifying Pumping and Milk Supply here!

4.3) Troubleshooting Breastfeeding

The Troubleshooting Breastfeeding course is a shorter course covering all the common (and not-so-common) problems that many breastfeeding moms encounter. These include jaundice, engorged breasts, tongue and lip ties, spitting up, sore nipples, flat or inverted nipples, baby falling asleep at the breast or not latching, clogged ducts, mastitis, and more!

It also goes over special circumstances such as breastfeeding while sick, during surgery, and with other procedures.

Similarly to Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-To’s from Lactation Link, this is probably more suited for moms that already have a baby are currently experiencing some of these problems, including pain, discomfort and frustration. This course is SO much cheaper than the one from Lactation Link though!

Cost: $14.99

Sign up for the Troubleshooting Breastfeeding course here!

The best breastfeeding online classes, including free courses


Milk Sprout also offers different virtual breastfeeding courses, all taught by Sarah, a Registered Nurse, Postpartum Health and Nutrition Coach, and Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Sarah also offers eConsults if needed: from 15 minutes to 10×60 minutes sessions to be used within the first 4 months after birth.

Their prices are a bit higher compared to The Breatfeeding Mama or Milkology for example. However, what’s so great about these courses is that they all include LIVE Q&A sessions each month and 1 month of unlimited email support after baby arrives.

These are the 2 best online breastfeeding courses offered.

5.1) Breastfeeding Basics (Boob It Up!)

Similarly to other breastfeeding basics courses, Boob It Up! covers it all: things to consider pre-birth, what to expect the first 4 weeks after delivery, first latch, skin-to-skin, proper latching and positioning, hand expression, hunger cues, troubleshooting if baby won’t latch, introducing a bottle, pumping and storing, and more.

Cost: $46

Sign up for the Boob It Up! course here!

5.2) Pumping and Storing Breastmilk (Pump It Up!)

The Pump It Up! course (not to be confused with the Pump It Up! from Milkology) is for moms that are planning on pumping, maybe to go back to work after baby arrives.

It covers all the types of breast pumps, pump parts, how to use them, when to pump and how to store milk, how to increase milk supply, how to wean from the pump, etc.

Cost: $67

Sign up for the Pump It Up! course here!


New Mom Collective offers both a free and paid online breastfeeding course, amongst other prenatal and birthing courses. These are taught by Cindy and Jana, two Registered Nurses and Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). 

The paid course is called Simply Breastfeeding from Day One and is actually included in their prenatal course Prenatal Power Prep. It mainly targets women that are still pregnant, getting them ready for what’s to come to avoid any stress and worry.

It doesn’t cover as much as other breastfeeding basics courses, but it includes 14 videos going through the following: how milk is make and delivered, skin-to-skin, first feeds, latching and positioning, hand expressing, hunger cues, some troubleshooting if breastfeeding it not going well, and how partners can help.

Cost: $40

Sign up for the Simply Breastfeeding from Day One course here!


Medela’s course All About Breastfeeding is a collection of videos designed to help prepare expectant and existing mothers for the experience of breastfeeding. This course is quite comprehensive, however I find it often lacks video demonstrations, which can be extremely useful for an expecting or very new mom breastfeeding for the first time.

It includes the following videos (10-15 minutes each):

  • Lesson 1 – Making the Decision: covers all the pros and cons of breastfeeding over formula feeding
  • Lesson 2 – The Breastfeeding Lifestyle: reviews all the options mothers face with regards to breastfeeding and how this could fit in an active lifestyle
  • Lesson 3 – Preparation for Breastfeeding: covers all things moms should consider while still pregnant, such as doing the “pinch test”, prepare emotionally, choose your healthcare provider, etc.
  • Lesson 4 – How breastfeeding works: covers how breast milk works and how to maintain a good milk supply
  • Lesson 5 – Beginning breastfeeding: covers what happens when baby arrives (including if you have a c-section), skin-to-skin, hunger cues, latching and positioning
  • Lesson 6 – Life with a Breastfed Baby: tips for coping with the first couple of weeks postpartum, understand if you are producing enough milk, feeding during growth spurts, breast fullness/engorgement, hand expressing and pumping, baby blues or postpartum depression
  • Lesson 7 – Overcoming Possible Breastfeeding Difficulties: teaches you how to prevent common problems such as latch difficulties, sore nipples, breast fullness or engorgement, etc., and where to go if you need help
  • Lesson 8 – Special Situations: goes through what you need to know in case your baby is born early, develops jaundice or spends time in the NICU
  • Lesson 9 – Combining Work or School with Breastfeeding: discusses the challenges of returning to work or school and shows you how to keep breastfeeding even when separated from your baby. This lessons goes deeper into breast pumping, obviously promoting the use of their breast pumps 🙂
  • Lesson 10 – Breastfeeding Continues: explores the benefits of breastfeeding for as long as possible and tips on how to do it successfully. It also goes through introducing baby to solids

Cost: $25. FREE if you register one of their breast pumps online, or try use the coupon code BRUEgX74fR (it worked and got me 100% off when I tried in February 2021!)

Sign up for the All About Breastfeeding course here!


Simply Breastfeeding is a course from Shari Criso, a Labor and Delivery nurse, a Certified Nurse Midwife and Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). This is another quite comprehensive course covering all the basics of breastfeeding.

It includes 12 videos with 2 hours of content, a workbook and action plan and lots of video demonstrations. The videos cover all the benefits of breastfeeding, the first feeds, hunger cues, how to maximize milk supply, latching, positioning, and how to tell if baby is getting enough milk.

A bonus is that, once you register for the course, you also get access to a fully searchable online video library with hundreds of video lessons (not just about breastfeeding, but about newborns in general). The drawback is that you only get access to the course material for 12 months. This could be a disadvantage if you think you need help again in the future with another baby.

I also don’t particularly like her website and how the information is presented. Her main site is My Baby Experts, but it’s hard to understand exactly what courses she offers and find links to them.

Cost: $59

If you are interested, Shari also offers a bundle for $78.99 that also includes these other courses: Breast Pumps & Briefcases; Low Milk Supply; Plugged Ducts, Mastitis & Yeast; Cloth Diapering. By buying the bundle, you also get an extra 6 months of access to the Simply Breastfeeding online course.

Sign up for the Simply Breastfeeding course here!


The Baby Manual on Breastfeeding is an online course from The Baby Manual and presented by Taryn, a Certified Lactation Consultant and founder of Milk Nook, which provides in-home breastfeeding support for mothers.

The course has over 40 minutes of content covering the following: benefits of breastfeeding, common setbacks, proper latch and positioning, hunger cues and signs that baby is full, milk supply, engorgement, nipple pain, burping, manual expression, pumping and storing milk, plugged ducts and nursing in public.

Cost: $29.99 (currently FREE for one month!)

Sign up for The Baby Manual on Breastfeeding course here!

20+ breastfeeding online classes (including free courses)


The Online Breastfeeding Class from New Little Life is taught by Allison, a Nurse, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Again, another great and comprehensive online breastfeeding course – and this one comes at a particularly cheap price!

The course is split in the following modules:

  • The Basics of Breastfeeding: covers the benefits of breastfeeding, terms, anatomy, the role of hormones in producing breast milk and the Let Down Reflex.
  • The First 24 Hours: what to expect the first day postpartum, the first feed and breast crawl, skin-to-skin, and colostrum production.
  • Latching: all about finding the perfect latch and breastfeeding position
  • Milk, Milk, Milk!: understanding if you are producing enough milk and what happens if you need to supplement with formula. It covers nipple confusion and bottle alternatives, as well as products that might help with increasing your milk supply.
  • Problems and Complications: goes through the most common breastfeeding problems and complications, with tips to avoid them or reach out for help.
  • The Breast Pump: how to use a breast pump, tips for pumping in the workplace, at home, or on the go, how to freeze milk, and more.
  • Other Things to Consider: tips on how a partner can help.
  • IMPORTANT! What to do NOW!: tips on how to find a support network.

Enrolling in this course gives you access to the New Little Life Support Facebook group and a discount of virtual services with Allison, so you can have all your personal questions answered via an eConsult.

If you are planning on pumping, Allison also offers quite a lot of pumping tips on her site. And I love the fact that she promotes hypnobirthing for labor and delivery 🙂

Cost: $20.64

Sign up for the Online Breastfeeding Class here!


Milky Mama is a company funded by Krystal, a Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). While the store mainly sells products that increase milk supply, such as cookies, browneis, teas or supplements, it also offer a virtual breastfeeding course called Breastfeeding 101.

The course covers:

  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding: learn how breastfeeding can help protect you and your baby from diseases, speed up recovery from childbirth, save your family money and so much more
  • Preparing for Breastfeeding: understand how your body produces milk, when your milk will arrive and how you can ensure you and your baby get off to a good start
  • Breastfeeding Expectations: master the ins and outs of latching, expressing milk, identifying important hunger cues and determining whether your baby is getting enough milk
  • Understanding your Milk Supply: determine how to correctly identify if and when your milk supply is low and learn what to do to effectively increase your supply
  • Finding your Breast Friends: discover ways to build your village and connect with other breastfeeding parents or certified lactation consultants

If you enroll in the course, you also get access to a private Facebook community, printable guides and exclusive discounts on breastfeeding products.

Cost $27 (If you sign up to the email list, you get 10% off your first order!)

Sign up for the Breastfeeding 101 course here!


Lamaze International also offers an online breastfeeding course alongside their childbirth course, called Breastfeeding Basics – From Birth to Back to Work. The class is taught by Rachel, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

The course is split in the following different modules, covering more or less the same topics covered in other breastfeeding basics courses listed above, with the exception of pumping (only mentioned in one of the modules). I like the fact that they have a whole module covering nighttime feedings though, as I don’t think this is usually covered in depth in other courses.

  • Introduction: benefits of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin, and of having a support network.
  • How Milk Supply Works: what the three stages of milk production are and how to meet baby’s needs.
  • The Mechanics of Breastfeeding – Latch and Positioning: breast / infant mouth anatomy and function, how to achieve a good latch and breastfeeding position.
  • Recognizing a Good Feed: what signs to look out for that baby had a good feed and some troubleshooting if you are struggling to achieve that.
  • Managing Nighttime Breastfeeding: tips for nighttime feedings, including keeping baby close and co-sleeping.
  • How to Know that Baby Is Getting Enough Milk: how often baby should eat, hunger cues, diaper outputs and weight gain, and more.
  • What To Do If There is A Recommendation to Supplement: understand the rationale behind recommendations, know exactly how much supplementation per feeding is recommended, and more.
  • Food, Drink and Medications: what you can eat or drink while breastfeeding, and what medications are safe to take.
  • Returning to Work: tips on how to continue to breastfeed when going back to work and information on pumping.

Cost: $34.95

Note that access to the material is only given for one year.

Sign up for the Breastfeeding Basics – From Birth to Back to Work course here!

The 11 Best FREE Online Breastfeeding Courses

None of the classes listed above inspired you? How about having a look at these free breastfeeding courses available online?! And don’t be fooled – just because they are free, it doesn’t mean they are not worth it!

Some of them are actually extremely comprehensive (to the same level as the paid courses in some cases). Others, on the other hand, just give you an introduction to breastfeeding: just enough for you to understand what you are facing and appreciate the value of taking a full course 🙂


Breastfeeding 101 by Tinyhood is by far THE BEST FREE online breastfeeding course available at the moment! It’s usually $100 but you can grab it for FREE now during the covid-19 outbreak.

It includes pretty much everything that’s included in all the above paid courses, with other 1 hour of content! All videos are very easy to follow and they are accompanied by very handy written handouts. All classes are taught by Dana, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Tinyhood actually offers 5 other online breastfeeding classes ($40 each, but also free at the moment), that are all combined to make up Breastfeeding 101. So, you can choose to either take the whole course, or only the part that interests you the most.

These are all the classes included in Breastfeeding 101:

  • Breastfeeding Beginnings: What to Expect in the First 30 Days: this class covers everything you need to know to get breastfeeding right straight after birth, including latching and positioning (with video demonstration), skin-to-skin, milk composition, when colostrum becomes milk, how to deal with engorgement, and more.
  • How to Tell if Baby is Getting Enough Breast Milk: this class covers what you need to know to make sure baby is feeding enough, including diaper outputs, a guide to newborn stool color, weight checks, hunger cues and signs that baby is full, what to do if baby is not getting enough milk, etc.
  • Common Breastfeeding Challenges – Sore Nipples, Clogged Ducts, and Engorgement: this class covers all common breastfeeding problems that new moms encounter, with information on how to make it better. From sore nipples to clogged ducts, engorgement and mastitis.
  • Pumping and Building a Stash – Storing and Using Breast Milk: this class gives all the tips and information on how to use a breast pump and store breast milk, including when to start pumping, how to do it successfully, cleaning your pump, breast milk storage guidelines, freezer storage tips, defrosting and using stored breast milk, and tips on how to prepare a bottle.
  • How to Increase your Breast Milk Supply: this class is for moms that are worried they are not producing enough milk, covering sign and causes of low milk supply, and lots of info and tips on how to get the supply back up, such as a good latch, using breast compressions, herbal supplements, etc.

Cost: usually $40, but FREE during the covid outbreak!

Sign up for the Breastfeeding 101 course here!


Medela’s course All About Breastfeeding is a paid course as outlined above in the article. However, you can get it for FREE if you register one of their breast pumps online, or try use the coupon code BRUEgX74fR (it worked and got me 100% off when I tried in February 2021!).

Like I mentioned above, this course is quite comprehensive, including 10 videos covering all you need to know to start breastfeeding the right way. However I find it often lacks video demonstrations, which can be extremely useful for an expecting or very new mom breastfeeding for the first time.

Sign up for All About Breastfeeding here!


The Milkology “Secrets to Success” FREE course is a perfect introduction to breastfeeding if you are looking for some information while still pregnant.

When you sign up, you’ll receive The Ultimate Breastfeeding Prep Pack straight to your inbox to start with. This includes lots of helpful checklists, cheat sheets and guides, such as: The Pre-Baby Breastfeeding Checklist, Feeding + Diaper Tracker, Top 10 Tips for Breastfeeding Success, etc.

After that, over the following 5 days, you’ll receive 5 lessons via email. These cover things such as:

  • What to expect in the early days
  • Where to find a super support team
  • How to prepare during pregnancy
  • Where to reach out for help
  • How to make plenty of milk for your baby

Sign up for Milkology free course here!

20+ best online breastfeeding classes


The FREE course from Lactation Link is another great resource for new breastfeeding moms. It covers the breastfeeding basics and how to overcome common breastfeeding problems so you can have a worry-free experience with your new baby.

The free course is delivered to your inbox with 6 emails, covering:

  • How to get the best latch
  • How to save money, time, & sleep
  • How to not fall for common myths & misconceptions
  • How to overcome some of the most common problems (like nipple pain)

Sign up for the Lactation Link free breastfeeding course here!


First Latch offers 3 different FREE breastfeeding classes for parents, all taught by Vergie, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

These are quite comprehensive and can be really helpful to start gathering information while you are still pregnant. However, they only include images and no video demonstrations.

  • Getting Breastfeeding Right from the Start: this video is 44 minutes long and it covers correct positioning and latching, how to determine if you need prenatal intervention for your breasts or nipples issues, and how to understand if your baby is getting enough to eat.
  • Avoiding and Solving Common Breastfeeding Problems: this video is 27 minutes long and it covers all the most common breastfeeding problems, such as sore nipples, engorged breasts, second night syndrome (feeding frenzies), nipple confusion and baby refusing the breasts.
  • Supporting the Breastfeeding Mom: this video is 26 minutes long and it includes lots of tips that dads or other partners can follow to help new mom with breastfeeding.

Also make sure to check out all their handouts: they have SO many and in 6 different languages!

Sign up to the First Latch breastfeeding classes here!


Breastfeeding Housecalls offers a FREE online breastfeeding course taught by Laura, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). This course doesn’t include videos – it’s all written materials. However, it’s very well laid out and quite comprehensive, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

The course is split in the following sections:

  • Preparing for birth
  • How the lactation breast works
  • Good breastfeeding management
  • Programming your milk supply
  • Breastfeeding positioning and latch
  • The first days
  • The first weeks and beyond
  • How to wean
  • When to seek help
  • Pumping class

Sign up for the Breastfeeding Housecalls free breastfeeding course here!


The FREE course “Getting Ready to Breastfeed” from New Mom Collective includes 3 videos, for a total of just over 12 minutes:

  • Video #1: reviews the benefits of preparing for breastfeeding while still pregnant.
  • Video #2: focuses on how to prevent sore nipples. You’ll learn why a deep latch is important and how to do it.
  • Video #3: discusses what to expect in the first week with your newborn.

In addition to video content, this course includes free downloads, worksheets and links for extra reading.

Sign up for the Getting Ready to Breastfeed course here!


Stanford Medicine offers some free breastfeeding videos more than a course as such. These mainly focused on breastfeeding straight after birth and are presented by a Jane Morton, a pediatrician and international expert on breastfeeding. What I really like about them is that they include so many video demonstrations from real moms breastfeeding.

The videos are a bit old, which might put some people off. However, the information is still perfectly relevant!

Here’s a list of videos available from Stanford Medicine:

  • Breastfeeding in the first hour: lots of tips and information on how to get the perfect latch straight after birth, and how to hand express if needed (i.e. if baby is born premature or if unwell).
  • Preparing for successful breastfeeding: things to know while you are still pregnant to avoid breastfeeding problems after birth, such as a good latch or how to make more milk sooner.
  • A perfect latch: a very nice video demonstration with tips on how to achieve a good latch.
  • Early initiation of breastfeeding: this video is actually from Global Health Media and shows the importance of skin-to-skin after birth, and of the breast crawl of babies who are given time to find the parent’s nipple and begin to feed on their own.
  • Hand expressing milk: advantages of hand expressing of colostrum compared to a pump, and tips on how to do it properly.
  • Maximizing Milk Production: steps and tips on how to maximize breast production, such as hand expressing or pumping.

The website also offers a lot of extra written information and links to various other resources if you need any extra help.

Have a look at the videos from Stanford Medicine here!

20+ online & free breastfeeding courses


Breastfeeding Confidential is run by Andrea, a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and RN. Here she offers a 3-day mini course Busting Popular Breastfeeding Myths, including 3 videos and bonus information delivered straight to your inbox.

This course is for moms that are confused by conflicting breastfeeding information and are worried that breastfeeding might not work for them. Some myths are silly and some are harmless, but some can get you into real trouble with breastfeeding: this course will help you separate fact from fiction!

Sign up for Bursting Popular Breastfeeding Myths here!


Milk and Love also offers a great and comprehensive free breastfeeding online course taught by Katie, a midwife and Certified Lactation Consultant. I really love how Katie explains things in her videos and how she promotes “laid back feeding” (which is what really helped me with sore nipples!).

The course is divided in the following 6 modules (no need to sign up!):

  • Getting started – your support network: why it is so important to have a support network around you during the first few days and weeks after birth and how this can affect breastfeeding, how often you should be feeding baby, benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby, and more.
  • Breastfeeding after birth – creating a strong foundation: what to expect in the minutes, hours and days after birth and how it impacts your future breastfeeding relationship, including latching and positioning.
  • Avoiding sore nipple – getting attachment right: detailed demonstrations to improve your attachment to avoid sore nipples and other problems, including different breastfeeding positions, baby led attachment and laid back feeding, hunger cues and how to cope with a fast flow of milk, etc.
  • Are you making enough milk? How breast milk supply works:  how the milk supply system works, how to maximize it and what to look out for if you think you are not making enough milk.
  • Pumping and Breastmilk Storage Guidelines: when it might be appropriate to hand express vs using a single or double pump, including detailed demonstrations on how to hand express, and how to use a double electric pump.
  • Night Time Nursing and Personal Stories: night time nursing tips and the personal breastfeeding story from one of Katie’s clients.

Access Katie’s free online breastfeeding course here!


More Than Milk is currently giving access to New Zealand and Australian residents only to a virtual breastfeeding course for free. The course is actually held by Natural Breastfeeding, and is taught by Nancy, a Certified Lactation Consultant and author of 7 best-selling breastfeeding books.

I must say when I signed up I almost gave up straight away – the sign up process is so convoluted! First of all you need to provide all your details (including phone number and address) to More Than Milk to proceed, then that re-directs you to sign up on the Natural Breastfeeding website – it took a few internet pages and emails before I could access the course!

But, if you can get past that, the course is actually pretty good. And it’s normal price is $147!

The philosophy of this course is slightly different from other courses listed above. The authors are very pro “natural” breastfeeding, particularly at the beginning, and don’t really encourage the use of breast pumps. And they have very strong views about the “best” breastfeeding positions, instead of giving the different options for mothers to choose from.

Classes are split into 6 different modules, and not all include videos. However, they are all extremely comprehensive and full of useful information.

  • Module 1 – Question: discover why the special needs and abilities of newborns make Natural Breastfeeding a far easier and more effective way to avoid the common early problems of nipple pain, insufficient milk supply and difficulty latching.
  • Module 2 – Think: learn how to separate fact from fiction and understand why the images we hold into our minds of the proper way to breastfeed and the instructions given by lactation consultants make the initial weeks of breastfeeding unnecessary complicated, confusing and painful.
  • Module 3 – Do: lots of tips on simple training exercises that you can practice while still pregnant and that will make your early breastfeeding experiences successful instead of stressful
  • Module 4 – Watch: over 60 short videos in which mothers and babies demonstrate key moves and address common questions and concerns. This module doesn’t follow a standard course structure. Instead, it has videos answering each common questions, and overall covering a few topics such as: hunger cues, how to know baby if having enough milk, sore nipples, breastfeeding latches and positions, feeding at night, etc.
  • Module 5 – Answer: a list of questions and answers that will help new moms avoid potential problems and provide simple, straightforward solutions.
  • Module 6 – Wrap-up: find out when it’s time to reach out for breastfeeding help, your available options, and the best ways to build your support network.

Sign up for the More Than Milk free online breastfeeding program here!

Birthing / Antenatal Classes that include Breastfeeding Courses

Like I mentioned at the beginning at this article, if you are still pregnant I would really recommend you signed up for a breastfeeding as well as a birthing / antenatal course. Unfortunately, not all birthing classes cover breastfeeding (at least not in great depth). However, if you can, it might be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone.

If you are curious about online birthing classes, I have listed some of the best options in this article: 20 of the Best Online Birthing Classes (to prepare for and overcome your fears of birth). In here you can find some of the classes that also cover breastfeeding, such as:

Breastfeeding Support Groups

Being around other women going through the same thing as you, and hearing about their obstacles and triumphs can be very empowering. And this is possibly one of the things missing from an online breastfeeding course!

However, there are various support groups that you can join, either in person or online (including Facebook). La Leche League, for example, holds meeting in over 80 countries and might just have a meeting close-by to you! They also have various Facebook groups available depending on your location, or an international and private Facebook group.

If that does not sound like you, have a look on Facebook and find the group that best suits you. Some of the most popular are: Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support Group (over 100k members), The Leaky Boob Community (20k members) or the Milky Mommas (over 100k members).

Best Online Breastfeeding Courses: Final Thoughts

I really hope you found an online breastfeeding course above, whether paid or free, that you can sign up to for an amazing stress and pain-free breastfeeding experience. But if you are still unsure, don’t worry, take your time and figure out what’s best for you (and your baby) 🙂

I personally found all courses listed above to be very helpful, and most of them are very comprehensive: sure to prepare you for when baby comes. I wish I had known about the benefits of taking one sooner.

If you are really really indecisive about taking a course at all, I’d recommend you started with a short email course, such as the Milkology “Secrets to Success” FREE course or the FREE course from Lactation Link. This will give you a good feel on whether you should take the next step and sign up for a more comprehensive course or not.

Once you feel like you are ready to take the next step, then my personal absolute best picks would be the The Complete Online Breastfeeding Class from the Breastfeeding Mama, or the FREE Breastfeeding 101 course from Tinyhood. But, again, all the other courses are good too – that’s why I compiled the list, so you have all the options! 🙂

Are you a mom who’s completed an online breastfeeding course and would like to recommend another one not listed here? Or do you have any comment or questions? Then please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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  1. I didn’t breastfeed due to a lot of factors (nicu, preemie, I got sick) but I wanted to. I wish I better prepared and took a breastfeeding class. I think a class would have helped me a lot and maybe would give me a better chance at breastfeeding.

    • Hi Courtney, thanks for sharing your story and I can totally understand. My wife didn’t manage to breastfeed due to other factors as well, and I almost gave up at the beginning due to the pain. There’s such little awareness amongst pregnant women of the importance to prepare before baby even comes!


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