Courses20 of the Best Online Birthing Classes (to prepare for and overcome...

20 of the Best Online Birthing Classes (to prepare for and overcome your fears of birth)

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A baby is on the way!! Exciting!!! But expecting a baby as a first-time parent can also be quite overwhelming. So many emotions and so many unknowns, often coupled with a great fear of birth.

Birthing classes, also called antenatal or prenatal classes, can really help expecting moms and their partners prepare for this new adventure. And, because they are not always easy to attend in person, I have put together here a list of the best online birthing classes that you could take, to really step into motherhood / parenthood with a boost of confidence and no fear.

I personally took two different types of antenatal classes (a traditional one and a hypnobirthing class) and I can’t tell you how much they’ve helped my partner and I get ready for birth and the newborn stages.

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20 of the best online birthing classes

Why Online Birthing Classes?

Birthing classes are strongly recommended by obstetricians, labor and delivery nurses, doulas and midwives all over the world. They are perfect for pregnant moms and first-time parents, to help them prepare for what’s to come.

The topics covered in these classes usually include:

  • What happens in labor and what the different options for labor and delivery are, so you can feel confident about making your own birth plan
  • Coping with labor pain, including different kinds of pain relief
  • Safe pregnancy exercises or exercises for after pregnancy
  • Your feelings about the birth or about being a new parent, so that you can get the support you need
  • Caring for your baby
  • Feeding your baby: there are also specific breastfeeding classes that cover this and you can read more about them here.

Many classes are offered in-person through a hospital, birth center or women’s health group. But what if you can’t attend a class in person? Or what if your childbirth class was canceled because of COVID-19?

Luckily, online childbirth classes are also available, and they cover the same material as in-person classes. With the extra advantage that you can access the material whenever you want to fit your schedule.


When should I take an Online Birthing Class?

Anytime after 12 weeks of pregnancy would be a great time to begin preparing for your little one’s arrival and take a childbirth class, as well as a breastfeeding class (if you are planning on breastfeeding and/or pumping).

I personally wouldn’t wait until 30 weeks or so, as you never know – you might be early (watch out for those signs of early labor)! Plus, most online birthing courses listed below give you lifetime access, so you can review class material as many times as you want before and after your little one arrives. If your baby arrives earlier than expected, you can still benefit immediately from knowledge gained through the class.


20 of the Best Online Birthing Classes

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best online childbirth classes.





$149 - $696


$50 - $345


$149 - $299


Why the Best?

  • Gret for couples as the parter gets involved as well

  • Covers everything, from labor, to delivery and postpartum

  • Affordable

  • Standard or Deluxe Options

  • Great if you desire a natural birth

  • Affordable

  • Covers everything, from labor, to delivery and postpartum

  • Different courses available to suit different needs and budgets

  • Includes self hypnosis techniques, which are perfect for pain management

  • A course for parents having an elective c-section

  • Choice of private consultations as well

  • Great if you desire an epidural

  • Extremely affordable

  • Covers everything, from labor, to delivery and postpartum

  • So many different courses to suit your needs and budget

  • Different courses cover different birth locations (hospital, birth centers, home)

  • Also cover water births

  • Very comprehensive

  • Great if you desire a natural birth

  • Extremely affordable

  • Different length plans available

  • Similar concept to hypnobirhing, giving lots of importance to releasing fear

  • Hypnobirthing Course

  • Different classes to suit different needs and budgets

  • A course that covers c-section as well

  • FREE course preview

  • Hypnobirthing Course

  • Affordable

  • FREE resources available as well

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1) Hilary’s Prenatal Classes

1.1) The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

What I love about the Online Prenatal Class for Couples is that the partner gets to be actively involved as well. Moms-to-be often feel like they have to deal with pregnancy, birth and postpartum all on their own when, in reality, partners can play a very important role during these times.

The prenatal class is only $99 and is split into three topics:

  • Before labor: covering third trimester testing, when to go to hospital and signs of labor.
  • Labor: covering the admission process, induction, pain management options, common complications, c-section, and more.
  • After Delivery: what to expect postpartum, breastfeeding tips, what to expect from your care providers, feelings, and more.
The Online Prenatal Class for couples for Couples

The basic Online Prenatal Class for Couples includes:

  • An e-Book that covers labor, delivery and your after-baby time
  • 3 hours of videos
  • Ability to ask questions

However, there is a Deluxe Version ($199) as well that also includes:

  • Couples Questions / Workbook: it can be hard for couples to be on the same page with the unknown. This workbook will allow moms-to-be and their partner to really make sure they talked though everything and they are happy with their plans
  • Printables: a series of bonus printables, such as a birth plan printable, a postpartum and hospital bag checklists, etc.
  • Access to a Facebook group for extra support and live Q&As

This class is taught by Hilary, a labor & delivery nurse for almost 20 years, as well as mom of 3 kids. It is only $99 and it gives you lifetime access! If you are on a tight budget, you can just access just the eBook and the printables for $35.

>> Sign Up for Hilary’s Online Prenatal Class for Couples here and use the coupon code SAVE10 to get 10% OFF now! <<

2) Birth It Up Online Birthing Classes

2.1) Birth It Up -The Natural Series

Birth It Up – The Natural Series is perfect for expecting moms who desire a natural birth (aka, without an epidural), but are nervous about what’s to come.

The course includes over 30 lessons (12+ hours) with video and printables, taking you through:

  • The birth plan
  • What to expect during labor: different types of contractions, baby’s position, etc.
  • Hospital tips: admission, induction, etc.
  • Pain management techniques: labor positions, breathing techniques, etc.
  • What to expect after delivery, including breastfeeding
  • Any special circumstances: breech babies, twins, etc.

It also includes some bonus lessons covering the induction process, VBAC, newborn basics (what gear you need and to be prepared in caring for your little one and yourself), and more.

This online antenatal class is taught by Liesel, a labor and delivery nurse for over 6 years. It is quite affordable ($139), and it gives you lifetime access. Plus you can use the coupon code MUMINTHEWOODS to get 10% OFF now!

>> Sign Up for Birth It Up – The Natural Series here <<

birth it up online birthing class

2.2) Birth It Up – The Epidural Series

Liesel also offers a similar class to the one above, but covering vaginal births with an epidural. The course is called Birth It Up – The Epidural Series and it includes over 12+ hours of video content and printables.

The focus of this online class is to get you to feel comfortable with the entire epidural process, plus it covers how to manage the pain before the epidural is placed.

This is also $139, and it gives you lifetime access, plus you can still used the coupon code MUMINTHEWOODS to get 10% off now.

>> Sign up for the course Birth It Up – The Epidural Series here <<

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3) She Births Online Birthing Classes

She Births Online Birthing Classes can be a bit more expensive compared to other online classes. However, the great thing about it is that they offer different courses to suit different budgets. What I also love about the classes is that they incorporate lots of self hypnosis techniques that are used in hypnobirthing as well.

I did use hypnobirthing when I gave birth to my second daughter, and it was an amazing and pain-free experience!

How I had a natural and pain free birth thanks to hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing 101 – the basics for a positive birth experience

And … they also have a course for families having an elective c-section! I love that they offer this course. My wife had an elective c-section and, to be honest, we could have skipped so much staff about vaginal births that didn’t apply to us when we did our antenatal course.

These are all the different She Births Online Courses they offer:

3.1) The Full Online Course

The Full Online Course is $397.

This course is the most popular one, and for obvious reasons. It includes 100+ videos with 10 hours of video content, 10+ hours of visualizations for deep relaxation and self hypnosis, printable resources, breastfeeding resources, acupressure and active birthing guides.

The course is split up in 4 modules:

  • Module 1 – Learning to trust the body: information on nutrition, birth hormones, pregnancy and labor exercises, relaxation techniques and more.
  • Module 2 – Discovering practical tools: breathing techniques, massage techniques, acupressure for induction and labor and more.
  • Module 3 – Labor Stages and Strategies: the different stages of labor, breathing techniques for transition, doula support, setting up for birth at home or in hospital, perineal massage and more.
  • Module 4 – Breastfeeding and early parenting: breastfeeding tips, baby communication and language, and more

The course also includes a goodie bag with an ebook, recommended music and reading, a guide to birth positions and more. Plus a prenatal yoga class and lifetime access and support!

>> Sign Up for the Full Online Course here, and use the coupon code muminthewoods10 to get 10% off now! <<

3.2) The Birth Basic Course

The Birth Basics Course is $149.

This course is ideal for second time families or those that are in a big hurry. It includes lots of the material from the Full Online Course, with the exception of some items such as breastfeeding information, breathing techniques and acupressure, etc.

You can upgrade to the Full Online Course to unlock all the content at any time.

>> Sign Up for the Birth Basics Course here and use the coupon code muminthewoods10 to get 10% off now! <<

3.3) Full Online Course with Private Consult

The Full Online Course + Private Consult is $696

This includes everything from the Full Online Course, plus a 2 hour private consultation via Zoom, designed especially for you and your partner in the lead up to birth.

>> Sign Up for the Full Online Course + Private Consult here and use the coupon code muminthewoods10 to get 10% off now! <<

3.4) Beautiful ‘Belly Birth’ Course

The Beautiful ‘Belly Birth’ Course is $297 and is designed for families scheduled to have an elective c-section.

best online childbirth classes

4) Birth It Up – The Epidural Series

Not every mom-to-be wants or can have a natural (unmedicated) birth. So here’s a perfect course if you still want a vaginal birth but desire an epidural during birth, and are nervous about what’s to come: Birth It Up – The Epidural Series.

The course is very similar to the Birth It Up – The Natural Series, with the difference that it focuses more on epidurals obviously. It covers the benefits, side effects, the procedure, etc.

Same as the Birth It Up – The Natural Series, it includes a written guide to labor and delivery, an eBook of the course, and access to a private Facebook group for support and connecting with other moms.

The online birthing class is still taught by Liesel, a labor and delivery nurse for over 6 years. It is incredibly affordable, for only $49, and it gives you lifetime access. Bundles including the Newborn Basics 101 and the Baby, we’re Home! Now let’s Sleep Courses are also available.

>> Sign Up for Birth It Up – The Epidural Series here, and use the code MUMINTHEWOODS to get 10% off now! <<

5) Birth Boot Camp Online Birthing Classes

Birth Boot Camp Courses are a bit more expensive than other online childbirth education classes, but they really offer more comprehensive material that I think is worth considering. Hence I have added them to this list of best online birthing classes.

One of the things that I really like about Birth Boot Camp is that it has so many different choices, giving you the opportunity to enroll in a more personalized course. And also the fact that it gets your partner involved too: this is so important to have a good birth experience!

These are all the online childbirth classes they offer:

5.1) Comprehensive Childbirth Class

The Comprehensive Childbirth Classes is $345 and it includes 25 hours of material! If you desire an unmedicated birth, are a first-time parent, or are preparing for a VBAC, this class will prepare you on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally. It covers everything, such as:

  • The benefits of having a natural birth
  • Physical training and nutrition for your baby
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Choosing where to birth, or who to birth with (midwife, doula, etc.)
  • Preparing for birth during the last stages of pregnancy, including common tests and procedures
  • Understanding the different phases of labor and what to expect, including pain management techniques
  • Information for your birthing partner to also be involved and help out
  • Water births and birthing positions
  • Special circumstances
  • How to write a birth plan
  • Everything you need to expect postpartum
  • Techniques to enhance bonding with your new baby
  • Breastfeeding

>> Sign Up for the Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive Childbirth Classes here <<

5.2) Reboot Refresher

The Reboot Refresher is $150. This is a private refresher class taken in your home via a live webinar with Donna Ryan, the Founder and President of Birth Boot Camp.

This class is best for those who have already taken a childbirth class with a previous pregnancy and need to brush up on their skills. It will be tailored to your needs based on your previous experience and current concerns.

5.3) Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth

The Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth is $245.

If you are going to birth in hospital, then this class is for you. It includes more relaxation and labor practice, and more information on interventions, including medicated and cesarean births. This class gives you the ability to make informed decisions as your birth unfolds. 

5.4) Training for an Amazing Home & Birth Center Births

Training for an Amazing Home & Birth Center Births is $245.

Planning to have your baby at home or at a birth center? This class will give you the nuts and bolts of labor. Learn what happens before, during, and after birth, as well as variations of labor and watch birth videos of out-of-hospital births.

5.5) Comfort Measures Workshop

The Comfort Measures Workshop is a $95 workshop designed to help both partners build confidence for the big day. You will learn a lot of relaxation, comfort measures, massage, imagery for labor, as well as communication skills for labor.

5.6) Food & Fitness

The Food & Fitness course is $95. This program helps women build a great physical foundation for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Topics include nutrition, exercise (including pelvic floor), and postpartum.

5.7) Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit

Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit is $95.

This is your manual for early parenthood! Topics include breastfeeding, newborn procedures, baby wearing, safe sleep, postpartum topics, and baby comfort techniques to help you and your partner get off to a great start with your new baby. 

5.8) Breastfeeding

The Breastfeeding course is $50.

This course includes: expert advice, specific instructions on how to breastfeed, tips on how to properly latch and prevent nursing pain, how milk production works, troubleshooting problems that may come up, pumping, introducing bottles and returning to work, what to expect as the baby grows, and much more.

I have actually included this course in my top picks for online breastfeeding courses!

best antenatal online classes

6) Giving Birth Naturally

The Giving Birth Naturally Childbirth Classes are another great option if you want to work towards having a natural birth. And still come with a good price tag of just $50.

What I really like about this course is that it’s based on a concept very similar to hypnobirthing, which is what I did. The concept being that the body has an innate design to give birth, and that a joyful and confident birth experience can be achieved by releasing any fears of giving birth.

So, the course really focuses on providing expecting moms with the right knowledge and skills to conquer that fear and allow their body to follow their natural instinct during birth.

The course is split into 4 components:

  1. The Core Curriculum: includes 14 detailed lessons delivered as PDFs, covering anything from prenatal preparation to handling complications
  2. The Birthing Workbook: with assignments and student reflections for each lesson from the Core Curriculum
  3. The Language of Childbirth Vocabulary Pack: a great resource to help you navigate the childbirth education technical terms
  4. The StudyWomb: 24/7 services and support, including sample birth plans, relaxation audios, daily nutritional guides, private consultation support center, and more

The course is offered as a 12-week, a 7-week or a Self-Paced Course. If you prefer a printout of the whole course, you can opt for the book, which is only $9.80.

The one downside is that I don’t particularly like their site design. Puts me off a little bit. But up to you 🙂

>> Sign Up for the Giving Birth Naturally Childbirth Classes here <<

7) Hypnobirthing Online Courses

Have you ever heard of hypnobirthing? If you want to achieve an amazing natural birth, then you should!

Hypnobirthing uses different techniques, such as relaxation, breathing, visualization, birth affirmations, to achieve a calm, positive and empowering birth experience for both the mom and the baby. You can read more about hypnobirthing here.

I have put together a list of 5 of the best hypnobirthing online courses here. However, here’s the two that I would recommend the most:

7.1) Hypnobubs

Hypnobubs (also called Hypnobirthing Australia for the aussies 🙂 ) is the greatest resource for online hypnobirthing classes. They offer a variety of different courses, so you can choose the most appropriate one, depending on your needs and budget.

For a list of available classes, click here. All courses include:

  • Immediate access
  • Comprehensive video lessons
  • MP3 practice tracks
  • Extra resources such as ebook, birth rehearsal, scripts, worksheets, etc.
  • Exclusive birth videos
  • Online support

The basic package is $149. However, the extra resources can also be bought separately if you wish, and you can check out their Online Store here.

>> Find out more about the Hypnobubs Online Courses here! <<

What’s awesome is that they also have a Positive Cesarean Birth Course for those mum-to-be that are going to have an elective c-section. You do not need to have a vaginal birth to experience a calm, empowering and positive birth experience!

And an extra bonus is that if you are being a bit indecisive, you can sign up for a free course preview and pregnancy relaxation MP3.

>> Sign Up for a FREE Course Preview here! <<

7.2) KG Hypnobirthing

KG Hypnobirthing offers a hypnobirthing course for only $100. The course includes:

  • 12 hours of video content
  • The Hypnobirthing Book (online version)
  • Hypnobirthing relaxation audios
  • Support group

It is also suitable for mothers who may have a more complicated birth. In fact, they discuss the following scenarios: breech births, advanced maternal age, c-sections, IVF pregnancies, back-to-back babies, group B strep and longer pregnancies.

>> Find out more about the KG Hypnobirthing Course here <<

How do you decide which Online Birthing Class is right for you?

This is one topic where you really have to do your own research and see which birthing classes resonate with you and your partner.

Most of these classes do have at least some focus on the mother and her birth support person, whether that’s your husband, wife, mother, best friend, etc, working as a team. So the class and techniques need to be something you can both get behind.

If you have a doula or midwife they may be able to give you a bit more information about the classes to help you narrow it down.

Ultimately you need to decide what your goals are during childbirth, whether you prefer online or in person, and which work best for your schedule.

Whichever you choose make sure you choose one. Birth is not something you want to go into blind and unprepared! 🙂

Best Online Birthing Classes: Final Thoughts

Here it is mom-to-be: a list of the best online childbirth classes for you to prepare for birth! I am confident you can find at least one class that suits you and your family from here 🙂

If you are somewhat interested in hypnobirthing, I would highly recommend you enroll in a separate hypnobirthing class, either instead of or in addition to another birthing class. You can even sign up to my FREE introductory course to hypnobirthing here.

For more information on how to survive pregnancy:

For more tips for birth and postpartum:

Are you an expectant mom and you have some questions about the online birthing classes listed above? Or have you already given birth and you have some more information or recommendations with regards to other online birthing classes not listed here? Then please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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20 of the best online birthing classes

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