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6 Best Free Hypnobirthing Apps

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Are you looking for some free hypnobirthing apps to listen to some relaxation music, practice the hypnobirthing breathing techniques, or for some birth affirmations? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I have collected here a list of the best hypnobirthing apps available for download, either for Apple or Android devices. And the best part is that they are all free, at least to some extent.

While some of these can be a great extra resource to practice your hypnobirthing techniques and prepare for childbirth, I highly recommend enrolling in a hypnobirthing course if you haven’t already. Hypnobirthing is way more complex than just listening to some relaxation music, birth affirmations, or practicing breathing techniques. It requires lots of practice and discipline. And it needs to be done right. Only a hypnobirthing course will equip you with the right tools to prepare for a calm and gentle birth experience 🙂


free hypnobirthing apps

Best Free Hypnobirthing Apps

Here’s the list of best hypnobirthing apps I have found that include free content.

#1 Hypnobirthing Pregnancy

hypnobirthing pregnancy free app

This app is hands down the best free hypnobirthing app, with quite a few free tracks sorted into different categories: hypnobirthing, mindfulness, music, relaxation, sleep and kind bedtime stories. 2 of the hypnobirthing tracks are free to listen to when accessing the free content, and audio tracks can be downloaded to your device to listen to even if you are offline.

The app also includes a cool link to a youtube video on how to use it and a due date calculator, which reveals interesting stuff about pregnancy and your baby.

The app does require you to create a login to access the content, and it will ask what trimester you are in, so it can give you the best suggestions based on the trimester. However, you can switch between first, second or third trimester at any time. While it does require for you to pay if you want to unlock more premium content, the monthly price is only 6.5 USD (or 3.5 USD if you sign up within 2 hours or opening the app for the first time). You can cancel any time of course.

Available for both Apple devices and Androids.

✅ Includes a pregnancy due date calculator
✅Includes a few free audio tracks
✅Very cheap subscription
✅ Available for both Apple devices and Androids.
❌You need to create an account
hypnobirthing pregnancy free app

#2 GentleBirth

gentlebirth free hypnobirthing app

The GentleBirth app is also quite good. Even though it is not specifically a hypnobirthing app, lots of its content is related to hypnobirthing.

The app creates a personalized plan of audio tracks for you depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. Therefore, when you first open the app, it will ask for a nickname and how far along you are. It does also ask to create an account in order to continue.

The daily personalized plan includes 2-4 audio tracks per day (they often repeat themselves) that are a mix of hypnosis, mindfulness, affirmations and breathing. If you want to unlock more, you need to pay $16.5/month.

Bonuses are that it allows users to play downloaded sessions offline and to add audio tracks to a wish list.

Available for both Apple devices and Androids.

✅ Personalized plan of audio tracks
✅ Audio tracks can be downloaded and played offline
✅ You can add tracks to a wish list
✅ Available for both Apple devices and Androids.
❌Quite expensive to get access to premium content
gentlebirth free hypnobirthing app
gentlebirth free hypnobirthing app

#3 Birth Made Easy – Hypnobirthing

inner power hypnobirthing app

The app is also called Inner Power Hypnobirthing and is possibly my least favorite of all these free hypnobirthing apps. In fact, there’s actually only one track that’s free (Relaxation Visualisation). To listen to the other tracks you need to pay $11/month.

The upgraded version includes 7 more tracks that cover all eventualities from natural birth to c-section and how to help baby arrive if overdue.

Available for both Apple devices and Androids.

✅Includes 1 free track
✅ Available for both Apple devices and Androids.
❌Getting access to all tracks is relatively expensive
inner power hypnobirthing app

#4 iHypnoBirth-lite

ihypnobirth free hypnobirthing app

This is the free version of the iHypnobirth app. It only contains two free tracks: one with positive birth affirmations created specifically for labor and birth and one relaxation music for birth. You can unlock all tracks for £3.99. I must say… I really like the theme!

Online available for Apple devices.

✅Includes 2 free track
✅Very appealing theme
❌Only available for Apple devices
ihypnobirth free hypnobirthing app

#5 Calm Childbirth

calm childbirth hypnobirthing app

This hypnobirthing meditation app is free to download. However, you need to pay £4.99 to actually download the five hypnobirthing audio tracks. It does include two free hypnosis meditation sessions: ‘Calm Childbirth Coaching Session’ and ‘Communicate with your Baby’.

Online available for Apple devices.

✅Includes 2 free hypnosis meditation sessions❌Only available for Apple devices
❌You need to pay to get access to the hypnobirthing audio tracks
calm childbirth free hypnobirthing app

#6 Christian Hypnobirthing

Finally, this Christian Hypnobirthing free app could be a good choice for you if you are Christian and want to find some tracks that are more focus on the role of God in the birth and bringing a new life into this world.

As per all the other apps, once you open it, you will realize that only one track is free (Positive Affirmations). If you want to unlock all other tracks, then you need to create an account and subscribe for $4.49/month. There are 8 available audio tracks in total, so up to you if you think this would be a good investment or not. There doesn’t seem to be any option to download the audio files.

Available for both Apple devices and Androids.

✅Includes 1 free track
✅ Available for both Apple devices and Androids.
❌Not many audio tracks available, even after subscribing
Christian free hypnobirthing app

More Hypnobirthing Apps to Consider

The hypnobirthing app below is not free. However, I still think it’s one of the best hypnobirthing apps out there, and it’s still very affordable.

Freya Hypnobirthing App

The Freya App is the official app of the Positive Birth Company, the cheapest and one of the top online hypnobirthing classes. It does cost £2.99 and it doesn’t just include some audio tracks like the other apps: it’s actually designed to coach you through labor!

Here’s what it has to offer:

  • Coach you through each and every surge with a simple breathing technique
  • Help you to relax in between surges with a mix of positive affirmations, calming visualizations, guided meditations and gentle music
  • Keep track of how frequently your surges are coming and how long they are lasting
  • Let you know when labor is established and it might be a good idea to contact your midwife

Freya is available for both Apple devices and Androids, as well as Apple Watch compatible, meaning you can switch between iPhone and Watch at any time!

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6 free hypnobirthing apps

Best Free Hypnobirthing Apps: Final Thoughts

Here it is mama, my list of the best free hypnobirthing apps available for download.

Unfortunately there isn’t much out there that provides access to a good repertoire of free audio tracks: most of them give you access to a couple of tracks and then you need to pay and upgrade to get more. But remember that if you enroll in hypnobirthing course, you will be given access to a whole lot of audio tracks, including tracks to practice your breathing techniques, with birth affirmations or for visualization exercises.

I really encourage you to enroll in a class if you are serious about hypnobirthing and wanting to achieve an unmedicated vaginal birth. If you are a bit unsure, you can also enroll in my free introductory course to hypnobirthing below!

Another thing I could encourage you to do is check out these contraction timer apps for labor: they are designed to help you keep track of surges or contractions when labor starts, but some of them also have hypnobirthing music incorporated that you could listen to.

For more information about hypnobirthing, have a look at these related articles:

If you want to read some positive birth stories of women that gave birth with hypnobirthing (including myself):

Are you a mom who’s used any of the apps above and have any feedback? Or did you come across another hypnobirthing app that’s not listed here but you think it worth mentioning? If so, please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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