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5 of the Best Hypnobirthing Online Classes

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Congratulations! If you landed on this page it means that you are on the right track to achieving the most wonderful birth. Hypnobirthing is way more complex than just listening to some relaxation music, birth affirmations, or practicing breathing techniques. It requires lots of patience and discipline. And it needs to be done right.

Here I have put together a list of the top 5 online hypnobirthing classes. Because I know going to a face-to-face class is not always possible or the preferred method of learning.

My selection is based on the material and support provided. In fact, support with hypnobirthing is key. You want to make sure you understand everything right and be able to reach out for help if there’s anything you need clarification with.

It is important to note that there are so many cheap imitations out there created by people that do not have the necessary qualification or experience to teach a hypnobirthing course. All the courses recommended below are taught by certified practitioners.

It is not worth compromising on your childbirth. So please do your research before choosing the right program for yourself and your baby.


best hypnobirthing online classes

Why taking a Hypnobirthing Course?

If you are wishing for a natural birth without an epidural, or in general for a positive birth experience, but you are still on the fence as to whether you should take a hypnobirthing course or not, here’s why I find you definitely should:

  • Your partner can get involved in the exercises as well. Never underestimate the support that a birthing partner can give you during labor and delivery. Your body is a magical thing and can do all the work. But having someone by your side that knows what’s happening and is ready to step in at any moment to remind you to focus on your breathing or to give you a relaxation massage can make all the difference.
  • You get to really work on conquering your fears through specific exercises. This is key with hypnobirthing. If there are some fears that are holding you back from reaching complete relaxation and confidence in your body, your body will be tense during delivery and you will experience pain.
  • You will have access to lots of audio and video material to help you practice during pregnancy.
  • Your teacher will be able to answer any question you may have and will be there for anything, any doubt or worry, you may encounter along the way.

When I was pregnant, I was personally very indecisive on whether I should enroll in a course or not. I was really not sure it was going to be worth the investment. I had already taken a birthing / antenatal class, and I felt like maybe that was enough.

However, after I read the book Hypnobirthing – The Mongan Method, I still felt like there was something missing and I needed to dig deeper. So, I signed up for a course, and I am so glad I did. The extra information and support I got from the course was invaluable and I really believe that’s what allowed me to have a wonderful and pain-free birth experience.


When should I take a Hypnobirthing Course?

If you are wondering when it’s the best time to take a hypnobirthing course, the answer is: as soon as possible! Really, the earlier the better, as you’ll just have more time to practice all the hypnobirthing techniques before birth.

Maybe wait until the end of the first trimester and after you’ve announced your pregnancy to everybody, if that makes you feel better. But, after that, don’t wait to long and sign up for a course straight away.

That said, I have also met many women who only found out about hypnobirthing closer to their due date and only enrolled in a course last minute. And they still benefitted from the course and had a very positive birth experience.

So, if you are already quite far along, don’t get too discouraged and still sign up for a class. Even if you won’t be as prepared as other moms that practiced for more months than you, you will still learn some invaluable techniques that will help you cope with labor pain.

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top hypnobirthing online courses

5 Best Hypnobirthing Online Classes

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1) Hypnobubs / Hypnobirthing Australia

Hypnobubs (also called Hypnobirthing Australia for the aussies 🙂 ) is the greatest resource for online hypnobirthing classes.

Hypnobirthing Australia was actually founded by the same person that funded Hypnobubs! So the material of their online classes is exactly the same. In fact, if you want to enroll into the Hypnobirthing Australia online courses, it will re-direct you to Hypnobubs.

When you enroll in one of their courses, you will receive expert tuition from a Hypnobubs certified practitioner trained to the highest standards. All practitioners are taught by the director, Melissa Spilsted, who is internationally recognized as a leading expert in hypnobirthing education.

They offer a variety of different courses, so you can choose the most appropriate one, depending on your needs and budget. For a list of available classes, click here. All courses include:

  • Immediate access
  • Comprehensive video lessons
  • MP3 practice tracks
  • Extra resources such as ebook, birth rehearsal, scripts, worksheets, etc.
  • Exclusive birth videos
  • Online support

The basic package is US $149. The extra resources can also be bought separately if you wish. Check out their Online Store.

What’s awesome is that they also have a Positive Cesarean Birth Course for those mum-to-be that are going to have an elective c-section. You do not need to have a vaginal birth to experience a calm, empowering and positive birth experience!

And an extra bonus is that if you are being a bit indecisive, you can sign up for a free course preview and pregnancy relaxation MP3.

>> Sign Up for the FREE COURSE PREVIEW here <<

PS: If you want to read a wonderful birth story of a woman that did the course with Hypnobirthing Australia, you can read Belinda’s Birth Story here!

2) KG Hypnobirthing

KG Hypnobirthing is definitely one of the best online hypnobirthing courses. It offers a hypnobirthing course for just US $70 and the course includes:

  • 12 hours of video content
  • The Hypnobirthing Book (online version)
  • Hypnobirthing relaxation audios
  • Support group

This course is also suitable for mothers who may have a more complicated birth. In fact, they discuss the following scenarios: breech births, advanced maternal age, c-sections, IVF pregnancies, back-to-back babies, group B strep and longer pregnancies.

Note that all material is only accessible for 1 year.

>> Check out the KG Hypnobirthing course here <<

3) Hypnobirthing Cloud

hypnobirthing cloud logo

Hypnobirthing Cloud offers an hypnobirthing online course for a similar price of US $129.

This class is taught by Kathi, a certified HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method) instructor and is divided in 5 modules, with lots of video content.

By signing up, you get access to the material for 180 days, access to a private Facebook group, and personal support from Kathi, the founder of the course.

If you are being indecisive, Hypnobirthing Cloud also offers a FREE trial, which gives you access to most videos of the first module!

>> Sign up for the FREE TRIAL here <<

Best hypnobirthing online courses

4) Positive Births

Helen from Positive Births is a certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner from New Zealand. While based in Auckland, she offers online courses as well as face-to-face classes.

You can choose between three options for the recorded classes:

  1. “Short & Sweet” Online Course (NZD $79): designed if you are ono a tight budget and you are already feeling calm and positive about birth. It includes 9 videos (74 minutes), 6 downloadable audio tracks, and further information for you to use.
  2. The “Original” Positive Birth Online Course (NZD $195): this course covers everything you need to know about hypnobirthing and it will set you up for a wonderful birth experience. It course includes 4.5 hours of online tuition along with 10 downloadable audio tracks, downloadable images and a range of handouts and scripts to use.
  3. “The Deluxe” Positive Online Birth Course (NZD $545): this course goes a bit beyond hypnobirthing, also including a class to help you go through the first days with a newborn.

I have personally taken Helen’s classes (the equivalent of what now is the “original” positive birth online course) and I highly recommend them.

5) The Positive Birth Company

Finally, Positive Birth Company also offers one of the best online hypnobirthing courses. It actually offers the cheapest online hypnobirthing course for just £39!

The course comes with:

  • 6+ hours of video content
  • 8 audio tracks (option to have background music or voice-only)
  • A course notes booklet in PDF format
  • A fully editable birth preferences template to download and complete
  • A sample copy of completed birth preferences to use for reference
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and daily positive birth stories
  • Regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company
  • A fully comprehensive Infant Feeding Guide from Little Peach London (covering breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and pumping)

Note that all material (other than downloadable material) is only accessible for 1 year.

Interesting fact: the Positive Birth Company also has its official hypnobirthing app called Freya. It includes some audio tracks and it’s designed to coach you through labor!

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Best Hypnobirthing Online Classes: Final Thoughts

Here it is mama, my list of the best online hypnobirthing classes for you to choose from. I really hope there’s a course in here that’s inspired you to take the next step towards your hypnobirthing journey and amazing birth experience.

The great think about this list is that there’s different options for you to choose from depending on your needs and your budget. In fact, the most expensive course is not always or necessarily the best option for an expectant mom, depending on how confident she is about giving birth already or her existing knowledge of the birthing process and hypnobirthing.

If money is a problem for you, I would strongly recommend the KG Hypnobirthing course: it has all the basics you need and it’s very affordable. As I am writing this, they are actually offering 30% off their course to help pregnant moms that can’t attend face-to-face classes during the covid-19 pandemic!

If you want something a little extra, particularly if you’d like some live sessions with an instructor, then have a look at all the packages that Hypnobubs offers.

For more information about hypnobirthing in general, have a look at these related posts:

If you’d like to find out a little bit more about hypnobirthing before enrolling in a course, feel free to enroll in my FREE Introductory Course to Hypnobirthing below!

Are you expecting your first child and curious about hypnobirthing, and you have some questions about any of the hypnobirthing online classes listed above? Or have you already take a hypnobirthing online course that you’d like to recommend as well? Then please let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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The best hypnobirthing online classes

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