Pregnancy45 Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms (with Stories from Real Moms)

45 Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms (with Stories from Real Moms)

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Did you know that morning sickness, sore breasts or a missed period are not always the first signs that you could be pregnant? There are a variety of earlier signs, including weird and strange early pregnancy symptoms that you could be experiencing before then. Even from as early as a few days after conception!

From a metallic taste in your mouth to clumsiness, a stuffy nose or toenails falling off, and so on. The list of these lesser known symptoms is actually quite long.

I was personally shocked by all the little changes my body went through as soon as I got pregnant … It was after IUI (intra-uterine insemination), so I knew exactly when implantation potentially happened, and I was so aware of any odd symptom coming up!

I have collected all these symptom here, including strange early pregnancy symptoms stories from real moms who have been there.

45 early signs of pregnancy

PMS VS Pregnancy Symptoms

Before I dive into all these uncommon early pregnancy symptoms, let me just give you a little warning …

I find it’s so easy to get excited when you experience any of the signs below and you think you are pregnant. Particularly if you’ve been waiting for a positive pregnancy test for a very long time. And I am talking from personal experience here (I got pregnant after quite a few rounds of IUI)!

However, know that all the signs below don’t always mean you are expecting. In fact, you could also experience any of these symptoms if not pregnant: they could be signs that your period is coming for example.

Particularly if you had a fertility treatment, the hormones you have been taking could really mess up your body! I remember getting all excited because my breasts got extremely big and hard a few days after IUI, and that had never happened to me before my period. Turned out I was not pregnant and the big breasts were just a result of the hormones I took to regulate my period.

While there are some unique differences between PMS and pregnancy symptoms, the only way to find out that you are pregnant for sure is with a pregnancy test after a few days. Try take a deep breath and be patient till then … 🙂

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45 Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Without further ado, here’s a list of 45 strange early pregnancy signs that could mean you are expecting, including stories from real moms!

1) Abdominal Twinges, Pulling or Pinching Sensation

This is definitely a lesser known early pregnancy symptom, but not so rare. In fact, quite a few women experience some sort of unusual feelings in their tummy a few days or weeks after conception.

This is due to your uterus starting to stretch already after implantation, getting ready to let a little human grow inside of you.

It can feel like twinges, sudden localized pain, or more like a pulling of pinching sensation in your uterine or lower abdominal region. And it can happen on either side.

I have been experiencing twinges on both my left and right side, similar to where I normally have period pain.

Newcy, Mumsnet

This mom felt them from as early as 8 days post ovulation!

I was getting niggles from about 8 dpo, tested at 10 or 11 dpo simply cos I felt different.

Bryggy’s girl, Bellybelly

I had cervix twinges with this pregnancy and my last two on and off for about 24 hours before I got my BFP.

Wriggler, Baby and bump

2) Cramps or Abdominal Pain

Cramps or abdominal pain are weird early pregnancy symptoms that can be quite confusing, because they are very similar to early period pains.

They are signs closely related to #1: they are also due to the uterus starting to change shape. And it is quite common for pregnant women to feel cramps together with twinges and pulling sensations!

However, abdominal cramping could also be due to the embryo implanting in the lining of your uterus, which usually happens between 6 to 10 days after ovulation.

Try not to worry, as it is a sign that everything is working as it should and your body is getting ready for pregnancy. However, if the cramps get intense, or if you start bleeding, do talk to a doctor to make sure that everything is okay 🙂

Tiggy2610 in this forum had light period like cramps all the way up to around 11 week.

This other mom felt them at 5 days post ovulation already.

I had horrible implantation cramps on 5 dpo and got my bfp at 11 dpo.

Hopefulfor1st, Baby and bump

3) Spotting

When implantation occurs, some capillaries of the uterine lining might also break and this will cause some light bleeding or spotting. It’s known as implantation spotting.

Same as per the cramping: if it happens, it will usually happen 6 to 10 days after ovulation. However, according to Fiona’s story below, it can also happen a bit later than that.

I had implantation bleeding with Elle 3 days after my positive test so at about day 30 of my 27 day cycle. I thought it was too late for it but the docs confirmed that it can happen later than you expect. It was a little bit of red and was only there for a few wipes one afternoon then it was all gone. Very scary though!

FionaS, OhBaby

Number one sign was when me and my husband did the deed the day I was supposed to start my period, and I started spotting…naturally I thought it was my period and I got geared up for the next week and the spotting just never progressed. The day after, I took a test and found I was a little over 4 weeks pregnant.

srichards90, What to expect

Do not panic if you get some spotting or bleeding! This symptom usually gets women extremely worried but, remember, it can be a good sign!

If you aren’t too sure whether the bleeding is a sign of the beginning of your period or an early sign of pregnancy, read here for some good information on the difference between the two.

4) Gas or Bloating

Gas or bloating are more uncommon pregnancy symptoms but can still occur. They are due to hormone changes (mainly progesterone) that can slow your digestive system down.

Bloating seems to happen mostly from 5 weeks pregnant (3 weeks after conception), as you can see from moms in this forum.

However, some moms reported feeling bloated from before they even got a positive pregnancy test!

My belly’s swollen up like a balloon these past couple of days – and I only got my BFP today on day 31! So I’m only 4wks.

Ste48dfh, Netmums

Been feeling bloated since Sunday 20th September, even though we only conceived on 13th or 14th.

Lis93vto, Netmums

If you are feeling gassy, I am sure you are hating all the burping and farting that comes with it! But don’t despair … it might be a good sign!

Non stop farting and belly rumbles started for me at 5 dpo to the point it was very embarrassing. 

dowhatyouwish, Mumsnet
45 strange early pregnancy symptoms

7) Constipation

As if bloating wasn’t uncomfortable enough, constipation is also another strange symptom that’s closely related to those changes in hormones in early pregnancy. Constipation can actually increase your bloating feeling – yay!

I had severe constipation starting at 6dpo which is when I suspected I was pregnant.

Future Mama, Baby and Bump

6) Diarrhea

Well, if it’s not constipation, it’s the opposite – diarrhea! Here’s another common, yet lesser known and highly unpleasant, early sign that you could be pregnant. Thanks progesterone 🙂

I actually got this a few days after IUI and got so worried I got a tummy bug just as I was trying to get pregnant!

I had horrible gas cramps, diarrhea, and peed lots.

Dess20, What to expect

5) Frequent Urination

Finding yourself having to constantly go for a pee to the loo? Here’s another strange, yet very common, sign that you could be pregnant!

Frequent urination is a very well known symptom of pregnancy, but it’s usually associated to the last trimester, when your baby pushes on your bladder. How can I forget! I used to hate all the trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

However, not many people realize that it can also be an early sign of pregnancy. It usually starts around week 4 and it’s due the pregnancy hormones that increase blood flow: this makes your kidneys more efficient, producing more urine.

If you are struggling waking up a lot during the night to go for a pee, a tip is to try cutting back on fluids after 4 p.m. Also avoid coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages, as caffeine can increase urination.

I have only known that I am pregnant for 5 days.  I am 4 weeks today, and for the past three days I have been in the bathroom NONSTOP.  I know that pregnant women are always peeing, but I thought it had to do with the baby pushing on the bladder.  Apparently, it has something to do with hormones and increased blood flow or something.  I have never peed this much in my life!

AmysMelody, What to expect

9) Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal thrush is a yeast infection of the vagina and is probably the most uncomfortable symptom that women can experience in early pregnancy.

I never had it thankfully, and didn’t even known it was a sign. However, I was so surprised to see how many women have experienced this in the first weeks of pregnancy!

Signs of thrush can be: increased or thicker cervical mucus, itchiness, soreness, or a stinging sensation when you pass urine.

Frequent peeing AND I caught a yeast infection which is not normal for me. I freaked out as to where the heck it came from because I’m on top of my stuff down there but then was told they’re common during pregnancy so I just seen my dr and got the gel for it.

maritza174, What to expect

Check here for some tips on how to prevent vaginal thrush when pregnant.

8) Rectal or Anal Pain

Anal pain is most common during the third trimester, when your baby is larger and may put more pressure on your anal nerves. However, in some rare occasions it can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

Particularly if you have diarrhea and/or constipation, these can make your anus sore, with sharp pains and getting worse when wiping or cleaning.

I kept getting sharp pains going down to my bum. And I noticed I was A LOT more gassy. I put it down to trapped wind.. It  can get quite uncomfortable.

Kry71wdi, Net Mums

10) Increased Body Basal Temperature (BBT)

If you’ve been tracking your body basal temperature (BBT) to find out when you are ovulating, then you should know already that your body temperature slightly varies throughout the cycle. Before ovulation, early morning temperatures typically range from about 97°F to 97.5°F (36.11°C to 36.38°C), and after ovulation, they usually rise to about 97.6°F to 98.6°F (36.44°C to 37°C).

After ovulation, your temperature usually remains elevated until your next period, about two weeks later. But if you become pregnant, it remains high for more than 18 days. Hence, this could be a good sign of early pregnancy!

I used to be quite obsessed with tracking my BBT for a while, while going through fertility treatment. However, I found it to be too stressful, particularly if I saw my body temperature wasn’t what it was supposed to be! So I stopped taking it before I got pregnant, and never noticed this as a symptom.

Some women even perceive this rise in temperature as a small fever. Like Felice Gersh, M.D., OB-GYN mentions in this article: “Pregnancy results in a far greater production of progesterone and a small further increase in temperature, which can be perceived as a fever by the woman, but actually is only a normal small temperature rise”.

l had bitter mouth like nothing tasted so good for me, my breast is firm but not swollen, frequent urination, high body temperature, craving for food and easily go hungry.

berth_agye, babycenter

I had hot flashes, was dizzy at times, felt warm all the time, my Basal Body Temperature was elevated, I was tired often, and I had strange pregnancy dreams, abdominal cramping, and I had soreness of the breasts on the sides. I am now 5 weeks pregnant, so these symptoms told me that something was up, I had these symptoms starting about 5 days post ovulation.

Anonymous, babycenter

11) Dizziness

Dizziness is not usually one of the first signs of pregnancy: it normally starts from week 12. However, it can be another weird early sign that you are expecting, even before your missed period!

This can happen particularly if you have low blood sugar and not eating much due to the nausea. Or it could also happen if you are short of breath (see sign #19).

Again, you have to thank the pregnancy hormones for being lightheaded. Progesterone is responsible for increasing the flow of blood to your baby, resulting in lower blood pressure and reduced blood flow to your brain, giving you the dizzy feeling.

I had lightheadedness. I would get a big “head rush” and feel dizzy almost every time I stood up.

gymnbomb, What to expect

With my second, the first symptom was what I would describe as my head not keeping up with my body. I just felt weird and a little dizzy, took a test just in case and it was positive.

Happier_Me, MoneySavingExpert

12) Headaches

Another not so fun and lesser known early pregnancy symptom! There are different reasons as to why you might be developing a headache in early pregnancy, and they are all linked to other symptoms:

  • Changes in hormone levels with reduced blood flow to the brain: this is usually accompanied by dizziness.
  • Changes in hormone levels also cause an expansion of the blood vessels in the brain, which causes migraine headaches (throbbing headaches usually felt on one side of the head)
  • Fatigue or stress.
  • Nasal congestion and runny nose, which can cause a sinus headache.
  • Hunger and low levels of blood sugar.
  • Suddenly not drinking any more coffee or other caffeinated drinks can cause caffeine withdrawal headaches.
  • Dehydration from nausea and vomiting.

The good news is that these headaches tend to disappear at the end of the first trimester 🙂

Tired, No appetite, peeing a lot, massive headaches and for some reason my belly was itchy.

preg17, What to expect

13) Nausea or Car Sickness

Nausea during pregnancy, often referred to as morning sickness, usually happens after the first month of pregnancy. I only had it from about 3 months. So, I was a little surprise to see that it can also happen earlier than that!

The exact causes are unknown, but hormones are likely to play a role in it. And, believe it or not, severe morning sickness is also an early sign that you could be expecting a baby girl!

What I found to be interesting when reading women’s comments on forums or when hearing their experiences, is that a lot of them experienced car sickness. Such an unheard of early pregnancy symptom!

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I had severe afternoon/evening nausea (never morning sickness) and extreme tiredness from just over 2 weeks after conception (so when my period would have been due). 

VikiPollard, MoneySavingExpert

I suddenly felt car sick on a short trip we were taking & I never had been before that.

Reby11, What to expect

14) Mood Swings

Here’s another weird early pregnancy sign that seems to be affecting quite a few pregnant women and is also a girl pregnancy symptom: mood swings! From heightened emotions, to crying outbursts, or even some anxiety.

I honestly had a good laugh reading other moms’ stories who experienced these. And again … you can blame the hormones for these!

I was the biggest b*t$@!! My poor boyfriend thought I was insane. Starting fights all the time and bawling. I finally wised up and took 5 pregnancy tests! All positive.

pretehkiteh, What to expect

I was more moody than with my usual PMS symptoms.

repra, What to expect

For me it was emotional outbursts that clued me in – I would cry over the smallest things. 

graftedintotruth, What to expect

15) Forgetfulness or Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy brain, also known as momnesia or pregnancy fog is a strange symptom of pregnancy that is experienced by many expecting moms and that usually results in forgetfulness. It can happen at various stages of your pregnancy, including in early pregnancy.

Changes in hormones, as well as lack of sleep (due to frequent urination for example), could be the cause of your pregnancy brain.

Here’s these moms early pregnancy stories:

My random ‘sign’ that prompted me to test was extreme forgetfulness. I had reached into the cabinet to get a vitamin and I noticed my DS’s penicillin in the pantry. Not only did I put in there instead of in the refrigerator the night before, but I had forgotten to give him his dose that morning (something I never do). I took an EPT later that day and got a fast, dark BFP.

foxy0522, What to expect

I had pregnancy brain. Legit preggo brain too. Putting stuff away in the wrong place (milk in the pantry, anyone?) and the day I took a test, I walked around with underwear on backwards (and wondering why it was uncomfortable).

HandFMama1820, What to expect

16) Lack of Concentration

Little concentration and lack of focus are just another possible consequence of your pregnancy brain. Oh, the joys of pregnancy … 🙂

Each time I’ve been preggers, I’ve noticed I have a hard time concentrating and focusing in on what people are saying to me – like I’ve suddenly gone dumb. 

Italiahaircolor, PriceScope

17) Strange Dreams

Are you having strange, vivid or scary dreams at night?? Here’s a rare early pregnancy symptom that you may be experiencing.

While these could be caused by changes in hormones, I think also waking up multiple times a night because baby moves in your belly, or because you need to go to the toilet, makes it more likely for you to remember what you just dreamed.

For me I’ve had many, vivid dreams before the BFP. I hardly ever dream.

repra, What to expect

18) Insomnia or Frequent Wake Ups

Another quite common and very annoying early sign is insomnia or frequent wake ups at night. And I am not talking about baby moving or having to pee!

According to this study, more than 40% of pregnant women experience insomnia during the first trimester, due to the hormonal shifts.

This woman started not sleeping when she wasn’t even 4 weeks pregnant!

Agh before I tested and tested positive at three weeks and two days: vivid dreams, can’t sleep / wake up through the night & early cravings.

Missa20177, What to expect

19) Shortness of Breath

The medical term for shortness of breath is dyspnea, and it’s a weird early pregnancy symptom usually associated with fatigue or dizziness. In fact, not being able to get enough air in can leave you feeling dizzy or exhausted!

The cause of shortness of breath during the early stages of pregnancy is a rise in progesterone: it increases the amount of air you need to inhale and exhale to get more oxygen to get your body ready for baby.

Here’s what this mom had to say:

Out of breath with simple tasks. And if i bent over…once i stood my chest hurt. Oh and my teeth hurt the week before bfp.

1stTimeMomFun, What to expect

20) Fatigue

Are you exhausted or feeling extremely tired? Fatigue is a sign that is usually associated to the last trimester of pregnancy, but not many people realize it can also be an early indicator that you are expecting, and a sign of a girl pregnancy!

It can start from as early as 4-5 weeks pregnant and, like I mentioned above (sign #19), it can be associated with shortness of breath or dizziness.

Don’t worry too much, it’s just your body getting ready for pregnancy and adapting to all the hormones!

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I slept more. I wasn’t really tired per se, but I slept through my alarms for the first time ever.

HandFMama1820, What to expect

Really tired everything felt like an effort. I used to walk daughter to school and remember that being such an effort when usually I am quite active.

bagby, MoneySavingExpert
45 strange early pregnancy symptoms

21) Back Pain

Backaches during pregnancy also don’t just happen in the last trimester due to your big belly 🙂 They can be an early pregnancy sign as the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare for labor.

This can put a strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis, causing back pain. (On a related topic, take a look at our article on labor pain simulators, also called a contraction simulator).

Cramping on left side, EXTREME fatigue, thirsty, back pain, headaches, and crazy dreams. My sleep patterns were weird too, it took so long for me to fall asleep but when I did, I’d be out completely.

nicoleoverway, What to expect

At around 3 weeks I started having upper back pain and the *sides* of my boobs were sore. I got my first positive HPT at 3.5 weeks.

Tacori E-Ring, PriceScope

22) Hot Flashes or Night Sweats

Hot flashes and night sweats are lesser known and more uncommon early pregnancy symptoms. While they affect more than 80% of expecting women at some stage in their pregnancy, they don’t usually happen shortly after conception.

That said, it could still be a sign, particularly if you experience it with other early symptom!

Really bad jaw pain on one side, sensitive teeth, hot flashes. This was in the days before I found out and in the first couple of weeks after. 

soblessed16, What to expect

I just got a positive test and for a couple weeks I’ve been experiencing hot flashes, elaborate and vivid dreams, and a strong craving for potato salad!

Jess9061, What to expect

23) Pimples or Acne

Don’t you like being 14 and full of pimples again?! I hated all the pimples that came with pregnancy! I had them all over my shoulders and my belly, particularly during the first and second trimesters.

It wasn’t an early sign for me, as I started getting them when I was a bit further along in the first trimester. However, some women experience either pimples or acne as very first symptoms. And this, again, could be a sign that you are expecting a girl.

If you already have acne, you may notice that it starts getting worse.

The biggest advice I can give you with this weird pregnancy symptom is to leave all the pimples alone and not squeeze them, particularly if on your stretched belly. Or you’ll end up with lots of scars.

I couldn’t resist and squeezed one above my belly button and, because the skin was stretched when my belly was big, now that the belly has gone back to normal I have a big ugly scar.

I also got several tiny pimples on my temples, which was unusual for me.

tgeiger, What to expect

My first symptom that I was preggo was teenage-like acne. I broke out like I was 15 again….that I and was so incredibly exhausted. I thought I was preggo and took a test the week I missed my period and it was negative. I took another test a week later to prove to myself I wasn’t preggo and I got a positive.

Burke, PriceScope

24) Rashes or Itchy

And if it’s not pimples … it’s rashes or itchiness! This are definitely rare early signs of pregnancy, as they don’t usually appear until later during pregnancy.

However, watch out for them, as they can still happen, like for these moms below.

….rash on my legs….I never get rashes.

Sarah887, What to expect

Tired, No appetite, peeing a lot, massive headaches and for some reason my belly was itchy.

preg17, What to expect

Both rashes or itchy feelings can happen anywhere on your body. I remember my belly was quite itchy when I was starting to get a bit bigger, due to the skin stretching

25) Stuffy Nose or Allergies

This for me was definitely one of the most unheard of early pregnancy symptoms. However, nasal congestion or runny nose seem to be quite common early signs.

The medical term is actually pregnancy rhinitis and it is a consequence of the increases blood flow that causes swelling in the nose.

If you already have allergies, also expect these to be getting worse!

Bloated a week before period was supposed to start, felt like I had a cold coming on and was congested, breasts actually didn’t hurt as bad as they usually do before period, my sense of smell had amplified tremendously. 

srichards90, What to expect

Clarissa Sidhom

The very first symptom of both my pregnancies was a strange coating in my nose. It lined my nostrils and had a distinct smell. After talking to others, I found that many of us shared this symptom, even though it’s never talked about!

Clariss, Modernhipstermama

26) Snoring

My wife started snoring very early in her pregnancy and, let me tell you, it was so annoying! Not to mention it lasted the whole pregnancy and beyond …

This weird sign is closely related to the one above. In fact, an inflamed nose full of mucus is very likely to make you snore when sleeping. Putting on a few pounds when pregnant can also be the cause, as extra tissue around the head and neck can lead to snoring.

27) Clumsiness

Clumsiness is a rare early symptom of pregnancy, and it’s probably a consequence of the sleepless nights and fatigue.

However, it can happen, as you can read from this mom’s story below 🙂

I get incredibly clumsy when I am pregnant, even in the early stages. When I start randomly tipping over or dropping things, I know. My MIL is this way too funnily enough. 

Charlene, Hess Un-Academy

28) Sensitive Gums and Nose Bleeds

Hormonal changes and increased blood flow can also make your nose and gums more sensitive. So, you may experience bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, or nose bleeds when blowing your nose.

This is quite a common sign, and it can happen even very early in pregnancy.

My gums bled like crazy before I got my BFP.

ginger_revenger, What to expect

29) Sensitive Teeth

Here’s to a strange early pregnancy symptom! Sensitive teeth are quite common in expecting mothers, and often go hand in hand with bleeding gums.

Colgate recommends using a soft-bristled brush, taking note of the foods that cause discomfort, and eat fewer sweets.

Nosebleed and extreme teeth ache…they felt like they’re about to fall out. (About a month before BFP) 

Sarah887, What to expect

30) Weird Taste in Mouth

I experienced a very weird taste in my mouth THE WHOLE frigging pregnancy. It started very early on and did not go away until after labor, when it magically disappeared.

When I used to tell people, they used to think it was like a “metal” taste, as that’s the common thing that pregnant women experience. However, that’s not exactly what I could taste in my mouth … but I also couldn’t pin it down to anything else.

Whether you have a metallic or another weird taste in your mouth, know that it’s totally normal and could be a good sign. You just have to be very patient for it to go away 🙂

Doing some research, I also found out that a metallic taste in the mouth can occur alongside fatigue … sounds familiar?!

In Amanda’s words:

One of the strangest symptoms I had was that everything tasted like metal. I can remember craving milkshakes but they tasted just I had a mouth full of metal! It was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what was going on! 

Amanda, Maroc Mama

31) New Cravings

New cravings are definitely not an uncommon or less known sign of pregnancy. However, they usually start at the end of the first trimester.

That said, believe it or not, they can even occur as early as a week after conception!

And the causes are unknown … it’s just one of those perks of carrying a human inside of you!

Also, if you are craving sweets, that’s an early sign that you are expecting a girl, whereas if you are craving salt and savory, that’s a baby boy early pregnancy symptoms.

Just remember not to indulge too much into the sweets and careful not to overeat. The idea that pregnant women need to eat for too is just a pregnancy myth – nothing true about it!

The night before I got my BFP I was eating pickled jalapenos out of the jar with a fork! My husband was so disgusted!

ohkim921, What to expect

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32) New Dislikes for Foods or Smells

You could also develop a new dislike for certain foods or smells in early pregnancy. This food aversion usually goes hand in hand with nausea and morning sickness, often starting within a week of each other.

I had an immediate disgust with all meat! If my husband was cooking any sort of meat I had to leave the room. It took awhile to want to eat it again.

Christina, Mom in the six

I went straight off milk. I couldn’t have a cup of tea or coffee until after birth. Even the smell just made me gag.

Julie, Mummy, It’s OK

33) Constant Hunger

A constant appetite is also a strange early sign that you could be pregnant and that some women experience. Maybe it’s not just a pregnancy myth …?

You might find yourself wanting to eat all the time, even things that you never liked before. And don’t be surprised if you end up having a weird snack in the middle of the night 🙂

I also always had a very tiny appetite pre-pregnancy but that switched big time, abruptly for me. One night, I got out of bed at about 2 am and inhaled most of a personal sized watermelon, then casually went back to bed. I thought those things were so strange! 

NBSBlove, What to expect

34) Weight Gain

With constant hunger and eating more than normal, can come some weight gain. While this doesn’t usually happen until the second trimester, in some women it can also happen very early, soon after conception.

I’m four weeks pregnant and have gained 4lbs…I am VERY bloated. I look pregnant already.

Anonymous, NetMums

35) Heartburn

Don’t get me started with the heartburn … this is another symptom that I got from the moment I found out I was pregnant till the moment I gave birth. I absolutely hated it!

It is caused by the pregnancy hormones, which make the valve at the entrance of the stomach relax, so that it doesn’t close completely as it should. This allows acidic stomach fluids and undigested food to move back up from the stomach into the esophagus. This condition is also known as gastrophageal reflux (GER), or acid reflux.

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For me it was heartburn (which I never get) and increased saliva. The night that I noticed the heartburn and saliva I was still 5 days away from my expected period. Tested the next morning and it was positive. 

JannaL, Cathe Forum

36) Dry Mouth

Who knew that dry mouth can also be a strange sign of early pregnancy? This came as total surprise to me: I had not idea this could be a symptom. And it is also quite common amongst pregnant women!

I became incredibly thirsty and had a very dry mouth with some nausea. It seemed no matter how much water I drank I was never satisfied. It was especially bad at night. I figured maybe I had too much salt the night before and just needed to clean out my system. Yesterday morning I woke up and had enough of this dryness and extreme thirst. I tried to see if it was a pregnancy sign. I took a test at 5 am and got an instant positive. 

kluvsh2o, What to expect

37) Charley Horses or Leg Cramps

Are you experiencing cramps or muscle spasms (charley horses) in your feet, thighs or legs? This is another unheard of early pregnancy sign. It usually starts in the second or third trimester, but some women report having them at the very beginning of the first trimester!

I had them later on in pregnancy: they would come up at night when I was lying in bed – so sore!

I got really bad Charley horses throughout pregnancy, but it started during the first trimester. I would wake up sometimes at night because of them. I’ve never heard of a Charley horse till I was pregnant. The best thing to get rid of them quickly is to flex your foot upward and try to relax your leg. They would be gone in less than 10 seconds if I did that. I also started to drool a ton during my first trimester. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my pillow wet and I would have to flip it over!

Kallie, From Mamma with Love

38) Loose Toenails

Here’s a super weird and horrible early sign: loose toenails! Increase blood flow and hormones will probably get your toenails to grow faster than usual but, as a result, they become more fragile and can easily fall off.

Take advantage of this symptom to treat yourself to a nice pedicure! And don’t panic: you won’t lose all your toenails. Usually only one or two fall off. 🙂

Two of my toenails fell off and the others are loose. I tested positive that week.

zimanb3, What to expect

39) Hair Loss

And toenails might not be the only thing to fall off. Hair loss is also a very annoying sign that you could be pregnant. So much for that pregnancy glow!

I was lucky not to experience this symptom when pregnant, but I got it after I gave birth. I was shedding so much hair postpartum!!!

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A quick google search shows this can be a symptom but it’s not a typical one…but I am losing hair by the fist fulls!!! This just started about a week ago — I am only 5 weeks. 

gigglebox, Baby and Bump

40) Nipple Changes

Your breast also go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, including early pregnancy. While sore boobs is one of the most common first sign that new moms notice when expecting, nipples can also undergo some changes.

They may become larger and more sensitive, or they can change color and get darker. Some women even develop tiny little bumps in the areola. If you do, don’t worry, they are actually called Montgomery tubercles. Their purpose is to keep germs away from the breasts so that, if you’re breastfeeding, your breast milk doesn’t become contaminated.

Awkward, but my nipples felt like they had cayenne pepper on them one night, totally new experience!

NBSBlove, What to expect

My nipples enlarged and darkened in color, I crave salad w/ Italian dressing at 8:00 in the morning every morning, I was exhausted, heartburn and ‘knew’ I was pregnant before I even missed my period.

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41) Prominent Breast Veins

Your breast veins can also become more prominent and visible: another strange early pregnancy symptom!

This is actually quite a common early sign and I remember having these big blue veins showing on my breasts that suddenly got huge!

Before BFP – visible veins in my boobs and milky white CM. I used CM to track my cycles so I knew it was unusual. 

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42) Leaking Breasts

A lesser known sign of early pregnancy is leaking breasts! Very few women are aware that breasts can start leaking colostrum very early in pregnancy and it could be one of the very first symptoms.

For most women this doesn’t happen until the second / third trimester. Or it may not happen at all! I never had any colostrum coming out when I was still pregnant.

When I got pregnant the first time, I learned via my boobs. They were huge and when I squeezed them, milk/colostrum came out. I was 5-6 weeks at that time.

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early signs that you could be pregnant

43) Breastfeeding Child Refusing Breastmilk

This symtom can be quite rare, particularly because you need to be breastfeeding another child to be able to experience it. Plus, it doesn’t always happen.

However, know that pregnancy hormones change the taste of breastmilk and, if you are breastfeeding, your child can become fussy at the breast or start refusing breastmilk.

According to this article, if the child is old enough, they might choose to voluntarily wean themselves. 

This mom here experienced both a child refusing milk, and a drop in milk supply.

My DD was still comfort feeding when I fell pregnant. My 1st clue that I was pregnant came from her. She said “yuck” when she had her boobie that night. So it definitely tastes different. My supply also dropped off dramatically, I’m pretty sure there was nothing there a few months into my pregnancy. Good luck with your pregnancy and your toddler smile

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44) Change in Libido

Getting to the end of all these strange early pregnancy symptom stories … here’s a super weird one! Change in libido can definitely be an early sign, and it can happen either way: no libido at all, or increased sex drive!

If the latter, enjoy it while you can! There won’t be that much time or energy for it when bub comes 🙂

I had a high sex drive and its like as if it has disappeared into thin air! I am now 12 weeks and still feeling the same.

alibombali, Baby and bump

I’m at 5 weeks barely and starting to experience this (increased sex drive during pregnancy).

Monjufig1, Baby and Bump

45) Sensitivity to Alcohol

Last but not least, if you are getting drunk way too easily for your standards, that could also mean that you are pregnant!

Don’t worry if you’ve been drinking the first few weeks before you found out you were expecting. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the important thing is that you stop the moment you find out you are pregnant.

Enjoy these two funny stories 🙂

Four days before I tested positive I had 2 mixed drinks. It takes about 4-5 to get me a little drunk. I barely finished that second and I went NUTS. I was dancing, I was grabbing my husbands **** through his pants. My friends had to stick me in a cab because they were afraid I would get kicked out. I had never been that drunk before in my life and it’s the same bartender who always made my drinks. And I threw up after. The only time I’ve thrown up from drinking was the first time I got drunk at 15. That was my first sign lol.

burtmacklinFBl,What to expect

I got sick after of 4 shots of tequila and that NEVER happens. I knew something was up. Lol

1sttimemommy010816, What to expect

Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there’s heaps of strange early pregnancy symptoms. Some are weirder and more uncommon then others, some may be experienced in isolation, others can happen all together. Some are very similar to pre-menstrual symptoms and can be very confusing!

It’s so hard to tell … Some women report having a “six sense” and they say they just knew they were pregnant.

Another very weird symptom that I haven’t listed above because it usually doesn’t happen until the 5th month or pregnancy, it’s the appearance of a dark line on your belly called linea nigra, and you can find out more about it here. However, some women have seen it appear on their belly from 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy.

That said, he only way to know for sure is to do a pregnancy test. And there are early pregnancy tests that could pick up pregnancy hormones as early as 8 days after conception!

If, after reading all these stories, you realize you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms and think you could be pregnant, I would recommend doing a test straight away 🙂

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Are you a mom that’s experienced any of the signs listed above? Or have you experienced another early pregnancy symptom that you think should be added to the list? If so, please let me know and share your story in the comment below!

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  1. Thanks for such and extensive list! This would have been helpful last time I thought I might be pregnant. Turns out I just had a really long cycle with early period cramps. I couldn’t find a lot of good articles detailing symptoms so I’m going to save this one for future!

  2. so i’ve been taking fertility pills to get pregnant since i’ve been having irregular periods since my vanishing twin syndrome and a miscarriage at ten weeks back in 2019 so about a week ago I took my last fertility pill and yesterday i’ve been really tired ,loss of appetite most the time the past couple days and was having really bad hot flushes especially at night and having Insomnia not been able to sleep much kept waking up different times of the night but not having to pee just been tossing and turning all night long i’ve took a couple of pregnancy test strips and they were negative can I be pregnant even with negative test results? because i’ve been really moody and emotional wanting to cry over things I usually don’t cry about or if not could it be from fertility pills?

    • Hi Savannah, how many days are you after ovulation? If you are taking the pregnancy test too early, I’d say try again in a few days just to make sure. Otherwise it’s the fertility pills. I was on fertility pills and the hormones gave me so many of the pregnancy signs even when I was not pregnant – it’s hard to tell! Are you getting blood tests done as part of your fertility treatment? That will definitely tell you if you are pregnant or not 🙂

  3. I was supposed to see my period this month January 13 have been having headaches cramping peeing and I usually eat I did pregnancy test Is was negative and I haven’t seen my period

  4. My period is 4 days late
    My breast is tender and I have some nipple pain too. Round my breast is paining me so much and I have headache, and I urinate like 6times daily and my nose is burning and running , my temperature high and IAM very week. Is it possible that m pregnant

    • if your temperature is high it might be that you are just not feeling well. Because your period is already late you can confidently check with a pregnancy test if you are pregnant or not 🙂


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