Pregnancy26 Fun & Creative Things to do while Pregnant

26 Fun & Creative Things to do while Pregnant

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What are fun and creative things to do while pregnant? While pregnancy can be a very beautiful and exciting time for moms-to-be, it also comes with its drawbacks. Most pregnant women experience some sort of pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn, back pain, etc. Plus, pregnancy comes with plenty of restrictions! Things you can’t eat, drink or do! All this can really dampen your mood before baby arrives.

I remember I really struggled with all the dietary adjustments I had to make, as I had such incredibly heartburn. Plus I had to stop my usual exercises and could hardly sleep towards the end of pregnancy! It was NOT easy!

And don’t even get me started on all the things you need to organize to get ready for baby’s arrival, all the checklists, all the checkups and scans doctor appointments, the anxiety and fear of childbirth …. Pregnancy can be such an emotional roller coaster!

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20+ super fun things to do when pregnant

Why it’s important to find fun things to do when Pregnant

So, finding some fun things to do during pregnancy (and maybe add to your Pregnancy Survival Kit) is really important! It can really distract you, lift your mood and make you focus on the more exciting stuff 🙂

Because, let me tell you, waiting for your little miracle needs to be fun and exciting more than a scary and miserable time. You are growing a baby inside of you momma: that’s magical! You can do it!

And no lies …. It’s also your last chance to have some good quality time with your partner and friends, at least for a while 🙂

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20+ Creative & Fun Things to do while Pregnant

Now, let me cut to the chase! Here’s a list of 20+ creative & fun things to do while pregnant!

1) Come Up with a Funny Pregnancy Announcement

This is definitely the first fun thing to do while pregnant. It can actually be an awesome fun thing to do with your pregnant wife if you are the partner reading through this article, and hoping to lift mom-to-be’s spirit.

If you can’t wait to tell the world, then you should definitely give the news with a funny pregnancy announcement!

I love pregnancy announcements on social media: I love to see what people come up with and I love reading people’s reactions 🙂 I was planning our second pregnancy announcement before I even got pregnant with our second daughter!

For some great inspiration, have a look here:

2) Take Weekly Bump Photos

I have always loved the idea of taking weekly or, at least, monthly bump photos, to track how big my bump was getting and eventually making a video or a collage once baby was born.

I was not very good at doing it every week, but still took various photos of my bump throughout pregnancy and made a little video to remind myself of what I looked like.

If you are up for the task and like video editing, you can come up with something funny like in this video. I don’t think I could ever have the discipline of taking a photo a day though!

3) Go Out on Date Nights

I am guessing that you have fun when you go out on dates with your partner, so here’s a fun thing to do while pregnant with your husband 🙂 Go out for as many date nights as you can before baby arrives!

Trust me, when your little newborn joins the family, there won’t be much time or energy (or money, if you are on a budget!) to go out together at night.

It took us over a year to finally have a proper date night after our first daughter was born. She was used to going to bed with us, and we didn’t feel comfortable having someone new suddenly putting her to bed. It might be a bit different if you have grandparents or a babysitter that your child knows already, but we had neither of those.

To make it even more fun, why not book a night out to see a stand-up comedy show? My wife took me to see Chelsea Handler here in Auckland while I was pregnant with my second daughter: loved it!!

4) Take a Babymoon


Nine weeks of pregnancy may feel like a long time, but they will be over before you know it! So, why not take a little vacation before the whole motherhood craziness starts?

When baby comes, holiday will never be the same … at least not for a while. I am still waiting for the time when going on holiday will be a little bit less of an effort than it is at the moment. With two kids right now, it’s like we are moving house every time we go away for just a weekend. And I can’t tell you how much I miss just lying on a beach for more than 10 consecutive minutes, sucking in the sun’s warmth.

If your babymoon requires catching a flight, remember to take it no later than the end of the second trimester. Travelling far or on a plane during the third trimester can become quite uncomfortable, plus insurances don’t usually cover pregnancy past a certain number of weeks (check with your insurance provider first!).

Also, if it’s summer and you are planning on going somewhere hot, remember to take care of yourself and not overheat. You can read this article for lots of tips on how to survive summer pregnancy: 20+ Summer Pregnancy Tips.

5) Document your Pregnancy Milestones

Do you like writing or doing some arts and crafts? Then why not documenting your pregnancy milestones in a pregnancy planner or journal? Things like feeling baby’s first kicks, or your partner feeling kicks, experiencing signs of a girl pregnancy or a boy pregnancy, seeing baby for the first time when you had a scan, the end of morning sickness, etc.

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6) Girls Day / Night Out

Same as per the date nights with your partner, or taking a babymoon: the same applies to your girlfriends. You won’t have that much time or energy to catch up with everyone after baby’s born. Particularly at night…

Gather all your friends together and have some fun days or nights out! Don’t wait until the very end of pregnancy when you start running our of energy, particularly if you like to have get a bit “wild” when out with your friends.

7) Organize your Baby Shower

Rule number one: organizing a baby shower should be FUN and not STRESSFUL! Honestly, don’t stress about it like if it’s a wedding 🙂

Make it a super fun activity to do while pregnant, with lots of games, no matter how stupid they are. There are plenty of ideas and useful checklists online for fun and cute games that you can do. I personally loved the peg game where you would loose a peg every time you used the word “baby”, and the one person with the most amount of pegs at the end would win. So easy to make.

I also enjoyed putting together some cards that people could write on with baby predictions and advice for the new parents.

And if you are a super introvert, and not so much of a social animal like me, who doesn’t like to be at the center of attention all the time, remember that this is your one chance to celebrate your pregnancy with all your friends. It won’t happen again in life: even with baby number two, it won’t be the same.

I was very reluctant to have a big, full of friends and games, baby shower when we were expecting baby number one. But after a lot of convincing from my wife I gave in. And I am so glad I did, it was lots of fun.

If you buy a pregnancy planner, you will find lots of good tools in there to help you organize the event, including lists to keep track of guests and gifts.

Also, check out these cute books to read to baby in womb – they could be a perfect addition to your registry 🙂

8) Go on a Shopping Spree

I remember when my wife got pregnant with out first daughter: I couldn’t wait to buy her first outfits, and every time I was at the mall by the baby’s section, I had to refrain myself from buying absolutely everything!

So, go on a shopping spree and have fun buying a whole lot of stuff for your new baby! If you enjoy company, bring some friends: it could be one of the perfect fun things to do with friends while pregnant.

If you are not too sure about what you need for baby, check out this Newborn Baby Checklist.

If you are on a tight budget, this one might be of a bit difficult one for you to achieve. However, know that there are still lots of things that you can do to buy baby’s stuff while staying within a small budget. Have a look at Baby on a Budget for lots on tips on how to save money when having a baby, including lots of coupons and freebies.

Finally, remember that your baby is not the only one you need to buy for. You can also take this opportunity to spoil yourself with some new (maternity) clothes or some sexy lingerie: the perfect way to still feel sexy and attractive during pregnancy, no matter how big your belly got!


creative and fun things to do when pregnant

9) Find the Perfect Baby Name

I looooooved looking for that perfect baby name!! There was something just exciting for me about going through lists and lists of baby names and discovering their meanings.

It’s funny how my wife and I always liked the name Thomas for a boy, but we ended up having two girls, and both times it took us a while to find the perfect names. It possibly didn’t help that I am Italian, so we wanted names that could be easily understood and pronounced in both English or Italian.

I ended up buying this awesome book, ‘100.001+ Baby Names’. I honestly went through the whole think, and tried to create some sort of shortlist to present to my wife. The names are sorted by different categories, so it’s easier to focus on what you already know you want for your baby’s name.

I remember stumbling across the name Nikita, and thinking how funny it would be to tell people that constantly asked me about our baby’s name (we didn’t want to tell anyone until baby was born!): “If I tell you, I will have to kill you!”.

If you don’t know whether you are expecting a boy or a girl yet, check out these early symptoms of a boy pregnancy or girl pregnancy, that can appear from the first trimester. Also make sure to check out these lists of cute and uncommon baby names for girls, or for boys from The Experienced Mama!

Or, if you are looking at middle names, check out these ideas from The Hadicks.

10) Have a Maternity Shoot

If you can afford it, having a maternity shoot could also be a fun thing to do while pregnant. You will have fun during the shoot and you will end up having some wonderful photos to look at in future. And you can show them to the world on social media!

We personally couldn’t really afford a proper photo shoot, as we were on quite a tight budget. However, we took a tripod out and had our own DIY photo shoot. It was quite a lot of fun, and we now have some good memories from it 🙂

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11) Decorate the Nursery

What parent doesn’t have fun decorating the nursery?? I spent hours and hours on Pinterest looking for ideas on how to decorate ours. I wanted it to be perfect for our first daughter.

Also, remember you are going to spend a lot of time in that room, so you want to make sure you really like it 🙂

For our second daughter it was quite a different experience instead. We didn’t have that much time to think about it … it’s the sort of fun that you really only get with the first newborn!

If you get a pregnancy planner, there’s usually some pages in there that will help you design and keep track of what you need for the nursery, so worth having a look.

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12) Embrace Nesting

Nesting during pregnancy is that urge to get everything clean and organized, so that you feel ready for baby’s arrival. If you haven’t experienced it yet, brace yourself! It’s usually at its strongest in the final weeks of pregnancy, approaching delivery day!

Don’t let it bring out the crazy in you 🙂 Make sure to embrace it instead and turn it in your favor by making sure you have fun completing whatever task you are doing.

If you like DIY, pick some fun DIY projects for the nursery like painting and decorating. Or come up with some fun and crazy organizational ideas for the rest of the house. Pinterest has some awesome ideas to help you guide your imagination.

If you are pregnant during summer, make sure to do any physical activities early in the morning, during the coolest hours, so that you can avoid overheating. And if this is your second baby, take your time to take all your old baby’s clothes out of storage to organize them in the new nursery.

PS I cannot guarantee that your partner will understand all this enthusiasm around the house, and will probably still think you are acting “crazy”. I remember when my wife was pregnant and nesting …. I honestly thought she was overthinking everything and being way more OCD than usual. Gosh, I apologized to her when it was my turn to carry baby number two, and the nesting instinct kicked in!

Fun and creative things to do while pregnant

13) Watch Lots of Funny Movies

I literally COULD NOT watch sad movies when I was pregnant. Particularly ones based on trues stories. I would be sad for days afterwards.

So, I watched I don’t know how many seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” during my last months of pregnancy: it was the best medicine to feel better and forget about all the pregnancy aches and pains.

Try do the same: watch lots of funny movies and / or TV shows. They are definitely going to brighten your mood and make you feel better.

If you are the partner reading this, definitely suggest this as something fun to do with your pregnant wife.

Just remember: DO NOT watch movies where women give birth while pregnant! I hate how movies portrait women giving birth: always in a rush to hospital, with a baby coming out in like 5 minutes, and the woman always lying on her back, legs up in the air, screaming. Childbirth does NOT happen that way! And seeing those scenes on movies only create fear and anxiety for pregnant women. Stay clear of them!

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14) Draw a Loading Bar on your Belly

After your initial pregnancy announcement when you first found out you were pregnant, it may be time now that you are farther along, to remind everyone that you are almost ready to pop.

How about drawing a loading bar on your growing belly showing everyone how far along you are? I really loved this creative idea and we did it on my wife’s belly when she was pregnant with our first daughter.

Definitely a fun thing to do when pregnant on your third trimester!

baby loading pregnant belly
Source here

15) Join some Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga Classes are not only good for you as a pregnancy exercise, but they can also be fun! I used to love going to yoga when pregnant: I made friends with other pregnant moms, and we could all laugh together at how restricted we were with our movements now that we all had a huge belly.

Yoga also helped me with reduced pregnancy symptoms (no back pain or swollen ankles), to feel energized, calm and happy. And it really helped me have a wonderful labor experience and made me strong and fit for postpartum.

For more information on the benefits of prenatal yoga and other pregnancy exercises, as well as options for online prenatal yoga classes (with coupon codes for discounts), visit here: Best Pregnancy & Antenatal Exercises safe for all Trimesters (and for easier labor!)

16) Have a Prenatal Massage

Not sure if this can be defined as a “fun thing to do” … But definitely treat yourself to a prenatal massage! Particularly towards the end of pregnancy … it will be such a relief from the back pains and aches.

A maternity massage also helps reducing any stress and anxiety and improve your sleep, as well as reducing swelling (which can get worse particularly during summer pregnancy).

Maybe ask your partner for a nice gift … Could this be the perfect fun thing to do while pregnant for your birthday?!

My wife gifted me two sessions for the last trimester of pregnancy: I honestly couldn’t be more grateful. I was so tired from all the little sleep I was getting, and the belly was really starting to get in the way. That 1 hour massage made me feel alive again!

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17) Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself!!! No better time to do this than when you are about to have a baby! You won’t have that much time afterwards….

Go get your nails done, or get a foot massage. Get the hair of your dreams! I ended up having a pony tale for about 9 months straight after my second daughter was born … she just kept pulling and sucking on my hair: I hated it! Also, postpartum comes with very annoying hair loss … So, enjoy your beautiful hair for as long as you can before baby arrives.

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18) Join a Prenatal or Breastfeeding Course

Get ready for childbirth and/or breastfeeding by releasing any fear or anxiety, and gain all the confidence you need for labor, delivery and postpartum. The bonus is that you will likely meet other couples that are in the same boat and make friends with other moms-to-be.

How nice would it be to have a friend that has a baby around the same time that you do?

If you can’t attend a prenatal or breastfeeding course in person, I have put together a list of online prenatal classes here and of online breastfeeding courses here (including FREE courses). Most of them have support groups where you can still meet other parents. Coupon codes from Conquering Motherhood included for a great discount.


19) Make a Belly Cast

I haven’t personally tried this, but I think it’s such a cool and creative thing to do while pregnant and in your third trimester, and if you are into these kind of things. Buy a belly cast kit and create a cast of your baby bump!

You can then decorate the cast with paint or use it as a fun guest book keepsake by having friends sign the finished product at a baby shower. I also love the idea of taking a photo of your newborn baby in it.

You can buy a kit online and you’ll find a lot of ideas on Pinterest, such as the examples below.

20) Paint your Belly

Or how about having your belly painted? Here’s another fun and creative thing to do while pregnant.

You can buy a Belly Painting Kit and let your imagination run wild. Again, there are lots of ides on Pinterest, if you are looking for some inspiration.

21) Make a Playlist

Babies can hear music from inside the belly, so why not create a playlist full of your favorite artists and introduce your baby to it?

What my wife and I also found was that whatever music we listened to during pregnancy, we could then use it to calm our daughters down once they were born! Amazing, isn’t it? I guess they got so familiar with it when they were in the belly, they then associated it with a safe and calm environment when being upset, and it would calm them down.

This can actually be an amazing activity to do together with your husband or partner.

22) Talk to your Baby

Baby is listening, and not just to music! They are listening to the sound of your voice and they will be able to recognize it once they are out of the belly.

So, start a conversation with them, have fun telling them about your day, or how you can’t wait to meet them. Who knows, they might even respond with a kick or two!

Another idea is to read them a book – here’s a list of the best books to read to your unborn baby, including some fun books to. I used to love talking and reading to my daughter when I was still pregnant: it gave me a sense of a deeper connection with her. I highly encourage you to do it.

23) Choose a Going Home Outfit

Wouldn’t it be a fun to choose a super cute going home outfit? You can picture you perfect little baby wearing it on the way home from hospital, and your heart just bursting with love.

23) Read Funny Pregnancy Quotes

There are a lot of funny pregnancy quotes that will definitely crack you up! I used to love reading some of these quotes and sayings when I was pregnant, as I could so relate to most of them. My favorite ones are those that make fun of the fact that pregnant women have to constantly pee, and often end up peeing in their pants when they sneeze!

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24) Start a New Hobby

I get it, starting a new hobby might be the last thing you want to do when pregnant and already so busy preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Plus, you might be dealing with some pregnancy anxiety. However, hear me out.

Discovering a new hobby and keeping your mind busy on something different can actually be very beneficial to both your body and mind, reducing some of the stress and allowing you to focus on something new and different. If you already have an older sibling, it might even be a great chance to bond with them these last few weeks or months before a new member joins the family.

There are lots of ideas here, such as knitting, painting, gardening or scrapbooking. If you are into gardening and DIY, you should also consider fairy gardens: particularly if you have an older kid, this could be a great creative experience and awesome way to spend time together!

25) Get your Partner to Try a Labor Pain Simulator

We have all heard how painful childbirth can be, but nothing can really prepare you for the experience until you actually go through it. And, most of all, it’s impossible for your partner to get a taste of what you will actually be going through when the day comes. Or is it?

There’s actually a way for your partner (guys or girls) to experience the ‘joy’ of labor contractions thanks to what’s called a labor pain or contraction simulator (another word for TENS or EMS machine in this case). This might actually get them to be more supportive when you will be in labor and, believe it or not, it’s hilarious to watch!

There’s lots of videos on YouTube of guys trying these labor pain simulators so you can have a good chuckle, or you can buy one for your partner to try, so read my article for what these units are, how to use them, and best products. Enjoy!

26) Have Sex

Last but not least … the number one fun thing to do with your husband when pregnant (or with your partner)! Have sex, have lots of it! At least for as long as it’s comfortable with your growing belly 🙂

Once baby is born, the energy levels might go down a bit and sex might be put on a back burner for a little while. Enjoy it during pregnancy as much as you can.

Fun and creative things to do while pregnant

Fun & Creative Things to do while Pregnant: Final Thoughts

Here it is mom-to-be! My full list of fun & creating thing to do while pregnant! I am confident you have found some inspiration in here and added a couple of the items from the list above on your to-do list 🙂

Now that you’ve gone through a whole lot of fun things to do while pregnant, it might be time to start organizing your Baby Shower and putting the Baby Registry or your Pregnancy Survival Kit together.

For more tips and information on how to survive pregnancy, also check out these related posts:

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What fun things did you do when your were pregnant? Is there anything that I haven’t listed here and that you think is worth adding? If so, please leave a comments below and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I always wished I had done the 30 weeks in 30 weeks out (or whatever week you would like.) These all sound so amazing. My pregnancies were tough and mostly a sad scary time so we didn’t think to do these. Sounds absolutely incredible! I wish I would have.

  2. I haven’ experienced pregnancy yet, but my hubby and I have been giving a lot of thought to starting a family recently. I’ll admit, while pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, I’ve heard the horror stories of how it wreaks havoc on the mom-to-be and her body. That has definitely given me some pause, but this fun list provides great options for enjoying pregnancy. I’ll have to keep them in mind if/when I get there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this great list. What a great baby shower gift it would be to arrange some of these suggestions for mama to be. My favourite is time with my husband before the baby madness


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