Pregnancy30 Pregnancy Cravings Quotes (Hilarious!)

30 Pregnancy Cravings Quotes (Hilarious!)

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Pregnancy cravings … how to forget! I personally had this compulsive need to eat cheese all the time. And pizza! Unfortunately the heartburn didn’t quite agree with the pizza and threw a couple of those back up a couple of nights!

I am yet to find a woman who didn’t have any weird cravings when pregnant. And what’s so hilarious is that they completely disappear the moment you give birth. It’s like a switch!

So, if you are also pregnant and finding yourself eating the weirdest of things and the craziest hours of the day or night, know you are not alone! And, if you are looking for some funny pregnancy cravings quotes, you’ve come to the right place.

You an use any of the pregnancy food cravings quotes below for your social media post, to add them to your pregnancy survival kit, to remind you of ironic pregnancy can be at time, or just to make you laugh a little bit as you fight through all the pregnancy symptoms.

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funny cravings pregnancy quotes

Pregnancy Cravings Quotes

The quotes below are split into quotes about ice cream cravings, peanut butter cravings, cupcakes cravings and other cravings, such as pizza, cheese or chocolate. If you keep scrolling to the bottom of the article you will also find some general funny pregnancy quotes about eating a lot. The old saying “eating for two when pregnant” rings any bell? 🙂

Ice Cream Pregnancy Craving Quotes

1) “I am sorry my pregnancy hormones verbally abused you … Now go get me some ice cream!” – Unknown

2)”Pregnancy Tip #83. It is sometimes easy to confuse “nesting” with “sitting around and eating ice cream” and that is OK” – Unknown

3) “I’m pregnant with your child, and our child wants rocky road ice cream. What do you want me to do, starve the baby to death?” – Sandi Linn

4) “Never ask a pregnant woman eating ice cream straight from the carton how she’s doing” – Unknown

5) “Never get between a pregnant woman and her ice cream” – Unknown

6) “I eat anything, especially sweets. Chocolate, cookies, and I love mint-chip ice cream” – Mary McCormack

Peanut Butter Pregnancy Craving Quotes

7) “I spent my pregnancy lying on the couch, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and working on a budget” – Jenny McKenzie

8) “Peanut butter and lamb chops were not foods that had ever been a significant part of our life before pregnancy. In fact, my wife almost never ate either. So where did these cravings come from? I concluded it’s the baby, ordering in” – Paul Reiser

The following one really cracks me up! The mood swings that come with pregnancy are absolutely terrible. One minute you want one thing, the next one you want the total opposite!

9) “I’m hungry. I feel fat, I’m fine My boobs hurt. My feet ache. Leave me alone. Come here. I want pancakes. I’m hot. I want peanut butter. GO away. Just love me!” – Unknown

30 pregnancy craving quotes

Cupcakes Pregnancy Craving Quotes

10) “Being pregnant was the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Except for the cupcakes” – Ashlee Simpsom

11) “That moment when all of your friends are dieting and exercising and you’re just pregnant like ‘Baby wants a cupcake'” – Unknown

12) “31 weeks: a balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand” – Unknown

13) “Pregnancy is real when u order nationally shipped @sprinkles to be delivered to yourself”Gigi Hadid

Other Pregnancy Craving Quotes

This one is hilarious …. other than the poor woman having to deal with Oreos cravings, she also has to deal with a funny partner. But so true: I can still remember reaching that point in pregnancy when I couldn’t shave or tie my shoes, and picking something from the floor was a mission!

14) “I am pregnant. This morning I told my husband to put the Oreos somewhere I couldn’t reach them … he put them on the floor” – Unknown

15) “The first time someone asked me if I was pregnant, I was eating friend cheese at the Summit Country Fair” – Olive B. Persimmon

16) “When topping my pasta with parmesan, the waitress was like “Say when!”. But I never say when. She keeps going. The room fills with cheese. There are no survivors. #pregnancy problems”Pregnancy Problems (@ThePreggoProbs)

17) “Can’t get out of bed! Send help or waffles. Just send waffles – Unknown

18) “You know you are pregnant when … you order a pizza and end up eating the entire thing” – Unknown

19) “Not sure if I need a month of sleep, a week off from work, a vacation and an unlimited amount of chocolate. Wait, I am pregnant, I need them all” – Unknown

This one is technically not about a food craving during pregnancy, but it’s still craving related, so I decided to include it! For all those pregnant moms out there that absolutely hat the baby bump.

20) “By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant– Phyllis Diller

Pregnancy Quotes on Eating a Lot

21) “I had no food cravings other than wanting food constantly – Billie Piper

22) “Pregnancy can be a time when you take tremendous pleasure in eating, not only because you may enjoy food more but also because you know that it is nourishing both you and your baby” – Martha Rose and Jane L. Davis

23) “Growing a baby makes me feel like a Superhero. A really tired, weak superhero who wants to eat all the time and isn’t allowed to lift heavy objects” – Unknown

24) “When your wife is pregnant don’t eat the last ANYTHING” – Unknown

25) “Everyone knows food is important to pregnant women. But what the uninitiated might not realize is that time is of the essence. The bottom line is, when she says she’s hungry, she means it. Feed that woman immediately or she will eat your f***ing face” – Aaron Gouveia

26) “I wish I were pregnant so I could continue eating for two” – Unknown

27) “When I am not sleeping, I can’t wait to eat, and when I am not eating, I can’t wait to sleep. Pregnant life” – Unknown

Blaming the baby … love it!

28) “The baby made me eat it” – Unknown

29) “If you eat a pregnant girls food, you are required to have the baby for her” – Unknown

30) “It’s a great thing about being pregnant – you don’t need excuses to pee or to eat” – Angelina Jolie

30 of the funniest pregnancy cravings quotes

Pregnancy Cravings Quotes – Final Thoughts

Here it is mom-to-be! A list of the best and funniest pregnancy caving quotes – I hope you enjoyed them and found some that made you smile and that you can use for you posts on social media!

If you are struggling with food cravings, eating a lot and all the other pregnancy symptoms, keep reminding yourself that they will all go away soon and you are going to meet your little miracle in no time!

Just remember not to indulge too much in all the sweets and try not to overeat. The fact that pregnant women need to eat for two is more of pregnancy myth than anything else 🙂

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What did you think of the quotes above? Have you heard other pregnancy food craving quotes that are not included here and you think should be added? Then please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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30 funny pregnancy craving quotes

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