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The Best Fitted Cloth Diapers of 2021

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Fitted diapers are a convenient and not too expensive choice of reusable diapers for your baby. They are made up of the absorbent part and an outer waterproof cover. The difference from the Prefold or Flat diapers is that there’s no folding involved.

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If you are looking for an in-depth guide to cloth diapers, or if you are already using cloth diapers but struggling with leaky or smelly diapers and need help with some troubleshooting, then have a look at my eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers – everything you need to know for a stress-free cloth diapering experience.

Features of Fitted Cloth Diapers

  • They come in either different sizes or “one size fits all”. One size Fitted diapers have snaps so that you can adjust them to fit nicely around your baby.
  • The fitted diaper (inside absorbent part) is ready to be put around your baby’s bum and it closes with either snaps or hook & loop. It is made of cotton, bamboo, synthetic or a combination of these.
  • The waterproof cover is made of PUL (Laminated Polyester), fleece or wool.

Pros and Cons of Fitted Cloth Diapers

I personally don’t really like the idea of such a bulky diaper during the day, plus the waterproof cover. However, lots of people like this type of cloth diaper for its simplicity.

That said, they can be the perfect solution for heavy wetters or nighttime, as they are incredibly absorbent! They absorb all the way around, not just through the crotch area like other diaper options.  And, of course, you can add boosters into a fitted diaper if you find you need to. I use these at night, together with pocket diapers: I combine a fitted diaper made of bamboo with a wool cover. My daughter is quite a heavy wetter at night, but I never get a leak!

Advantages of Fitted Diapers

  • Very “poonami” proof. They perform very well when babies are little and making huge poos so many times a day.
  • No folding required compared to Flat or Prefold diapers.
  • You can still reuse the outer waterproof cover if only the fitted nappy got dirty.
  • Incredibly absorbents, so perfect for nighttime or heavy wetters.

Disadvantages of Fitted Diapers

  • Still quite bulky. Once your baby is wearing the fitted nappy with the cover, the bum will look huge. 
  • I prefer smaller inner inserts to the big fitted nappies during the day.
  • Once you buy the diaper, plus the cover, they can be quite expensive.

The Best Fitted Cloth Diapers

I have put together here a list of the best fitted cloth diapers, taking into consideration price, quality and pros/cons. Choose the right one for you and happy diapering! 🙂



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Why the best?

  • One size: 10 lbs+

  •  Two 3-layer bamboo fleece doublers to add and customize absorbency

  • Narrow body anf long wings for a perfect fit

  • Choice of Bamboo or Cotton

  • Fun range of colours and patterns

  • One size: 12 lbs+

  • 2 very absorbent soakers included

  • Fun range or colors and patterns

  • Snaps for easy closure

  • One size: 6 lbs+

  • Dual inner gussets

  • 2 very absorbent soakers included

  • Pocket to fit the soakers in

  • Snaps for easy closure and to adjust to baby's size

  • One size

  • Choice of 4 different fabrice

  • Snaps for easy closure

  • One fabric available in different colors

  • One size: 8 lbs+

  • Newborn size also available

  • 2 snap-in soakers included

  • Snaps for easy closure and to adjust to baby's size

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#1 Sloomb Multi Fitted

The Sloomb Multi Fitted cloth diaper is an incredibly good fitted diaper. It is made from heavy weight organic bamboo/cotton terry and it includes two 3-layer bamboo fleece doublers to add and customize your absorbency. This means that it’s incredibly soft and absorbent. It could be the perfect solution for your night diaper.

It also has a narrower body, which makes it very comfortable for baby in the crotch area. And the long wings allow you to secure the diaper with one diaper pin (not included). I don’t particularly love the idea of a snapless diaper but, if you don’t mind, the advantage is that you can really get the perfect fit for your baby.

It is a one size diaper for babies 10 lbs+. For newborns, you can buy the Sloomb Mini Fitted, which fits babies 5-15 lbs.

This fitted diaper needs a waterproof cover. You can pair with the Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool diaper cover.

Buy the Sloomb Multi Fitted Cloth Diaper on Amazon <- here

#2 Nicki’s Diapers Fitted Diaper

The Nicki’s Diapers Fitted Diaper comes in either 100% cotton, or a mix of bamboo and organic cotton. It is also very soft and comfortable like the Sloomb Multi Fitted diaper.

While I love that the price tag is amazing ($10 per diaper), you need to consider that it doesn’t come with boosters for extra absorbency at night and it is not a one size diaper, so you will need to buy more diapers as the baby grows. In fact, this diaper comes in 4 sizes:

  • Xsmall: 4-10 lbs
  • Small: 7-17 lbs
  • Medium: 12-25 lbs
  • Large: 15+ lbs

Similarly to the Sloomb Multi Fitted diaper, you need to secure it with one diaper pin (not included) or a Snappi Diaper Fastener (not included). Cover them with any diaper cover for a leak-proof option. Nicki’s diapers sell some cheap, cute and colorful diaper covers here.

A lovely extra? The cute range of colors and patterns to choose from. I mean, you won’t see it with the waterproof cover, but if you let your child run around the house with just the fitted diaper, it nice to see 🙂

#3 Twinkie Tush Fusion

The Twinkie Tush Fusion Fitted Diaper is a top of the range cloth diaper and it does come with a bit of a high price tag. However, it does come with many advantages:

  • One size: 12+ lbs. You will need to buy another diaper for when you have a newborn.
  • Super absorbency thanks to the 2 soakers (included in the price!) that are made of several layers. The top layer is made of cotton velour and the back is made of absorbent organic bamboo fleece. The back layer of the booster soaker is also made of hydrophobic poly fleece to add a mild liquid barrier. These are perfect for night time!
  • One soaker snaps onto the fitted diaper, the other one snaps onto the other soaker. This keeps them both nicely into position.
  • Snaps for easy closure, compared to other fitted diapers that require a pin or a fastener (how annoying!).
  • Nice range of colors and patterns.

This diaper does require a waterproof cover, just like any other fitted diaper.

#4 EcoPosh OBV


The EcoPosh OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour) is another relatively expensive diaper. However, this also comes with many advantages:

  • One size: fits most babies from 6+ lbs. You may need another diaper for a small newborn, but 6 lbs is good! Usually one size diapers only fit from 8-10 lbs.
  • Snaps for easy closure and to adjust the fit to baby’s size. Even better than the Twinkie Tush Fusion.
  • Dual inner gussets to hold in messes and prevent leaks. This is a great feature specific only to this diaper!
  • It comes with a 6-layer bamboo soaker to increase absorbency, so it is ideal for heavy wetters and at night time.
  • It has a pocket where you can stuff the soaker in to keep it in place. I personally really like this extra feature.

As per all the fitted diapers, it is not waterproof and does require a waterproof cover!

Buy the EcoPosh OBV Cloth Diaper on Amazon <- here

#5 Mother-Ease

The Mother-Ease one size fitted cloth diaper fits all babies from newborn to potty. They don’t specify the weight, but they don’t really fit small newborns! I would use these from 10+ pounds and still buy smaller diapers for my newborn.

I like the fact that you have the choice between 4 different fabrics:

  • Cotton with a stay-dry fabric made of polyester sewn to the inside. The stay-dry fabric wicks moisture away from baby’s skin. Only white available.
  • 100% organic cotton. Only white available.
  • Bamboo touching the baby and a polyester knit into the base of the fabric to provide durability and strength. Only white available.
  • Cotton touching the baby and a polyester knit into the base of the fabric to provide durability and strength. Available in different colors.

It is very affordable for its performance. However, be mindful that it doesn’t come with any extra booster soaker, nor with a cover. The Mother-ease Snap In Liners are sold separately for extra absorbency and are also available in four different fabrics.

Buy the Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers on Amazon <- here

#6 Thirsties Natural Fitted Diaper

The Thirsties Natural Fitted Diaper is one of the few fitted diapers that also offers a newborn size. While the bigger one fits babies from 8+ lbs, the Thirsties Natural Newborn Fitted Diaper is for babies that are 7-13 lbs. It still doesn’t fit very small babies… so you might want to have a look at other options for a small newborn.

I like that this diaper comes with snap-in soakers to keep them in place. The only disadvantage is that the 2 soakers are sawn together (why?!). Both the body and the soakers are made of multiple layers of bamboo cotton for extra absorbency.

Another bonus is that it comes with snaps to easy close the diapers or to fit it nicely to baby’s size.

The cover is not included as usual. However, Thirsties sell their own cover here.

Buy the Thirsties Natural Fitted Diaper on Amazon <- here


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