cute and funny pregnancy announcement ideas for social media

30+ Cute & Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Social Media

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Congratulations on your Pregnancy! So exciting! One of the hardest things about being pregnant is keeping it secret for the first few weeks, until it’s safe to tell all your family and friends. You’re so excited you want to shout it from the rooftops!

That’s why, when it’s finally time for the official reveal, you probably want a special way to announce your pregnancy.

So, I’ve rounded up here some cute and funny pregnancy announcement ideas for social media for you to use and tell everyone that you’re expecting. 

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When should you announce your Pregnancy?

I don’t think there’s one right answer here. It really depends on you / your partner and how you feel.

Most people usually wait until the end of the first trimester before announcing that they are expecting. That is because the first 12 weeks are considered to be at higher risk of miscarriage. In fact, during the first 12 weeks, there’s a 1 in 4 chance of a miscarriage, which then decreases as you progress with your pregnancy.

I would hate to have to tell everyone that I lost the baby, after I had already given them the good news. So, I have personally waited until 12 weeks when I was pregnant. But, my wife for example, really wanted to share the news of our first baby as soon as she found out she was pregnant.

She always said that, even if she lost the baby, having the support of people around her, who knew what she was going through, would have made it easier, instead of processing everything on her own. It really depends on you and how you feel!

Some people even wait until the 4-5 month mark because they want to reveal the baby’s gender at the same time! Do whatever feels right for you. 

Who to Tell First?

“Who to tell first” also depends on you and how you feel. However, this is what I found worked best for me

1. Tell Your Partner first

Always start with your partner!! Telling someone else first might really hurt them otherwise. That is, unless you have taken the pregnancy test with him/her already, of course!

That’s what happened with me. The first couple of times I took a pregnancy test after IUI I was on my own, and they were negative. So the third time I did it with my wife: we were both glued to that stick for what felt like a lifetime. You can imagine the excitement when the second line appeared!

If you took the pregnancy test by yourself and you need to let them know, you can either choose to do something special with a gift, or just tell them.

2. Tell your Family and closest Friends

The first person I needed to tell I was pregnant was my mom. I couldn’t wait! And my dad of course … but I knew my mom was going to cry. Then came my brother and some closest friends. Again, you can either choose to do something special with a gift, or just tell them.

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3. Tell your Employer

I know you probably can’t wait to tell the world on social media that you are pregnant. But if you have co-workers or your boss following you on social media, maybe tell them first and get that sorted out. 

First of all, you will avoid the awkwardness of them finding out on social media or from someone else first. Second of all, you won’t need to lie when you can’t go to work because of all the pregnancy tests you need to take.

I remember it was such a weight lifted off my shoulders when I told my boss. Every time I lied, because I had a blood test or a scan and couldn’t get to work, I was feeling terrible!

4. Tell The World

It’s finally time to tell the world! Let’s find some cute and funny pregnancy announcement ideas for social media! 

Cute & Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Social Media

Ok, now that you’ve decided when to announce the world that you are pregnant, it’s time to decide how to do it! Here’s a list of 30+ cute & funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Social Media. Enjoy!

Baby Shoes Pregnancy Announcement

This type of announcement is one of my favorites. I find it incredibly cute and I used it to announce the arrival of our first baby. You can either have just one pair of baby’s shoes …

baby shoes pregnancy announcement

…. or the whole family!

Balloons Pregnancy Announcement

And who doesn’t love balloons!? There’s a few different things that you can do with balloons, so here’s some funny and cute ideas.

Expected to Pop Pregnancy Announcement

expected to pop pregnancy announcement

I find this one to be very funny and original. Not really Instagram-Perfect, but sure to leave a smile.

Baby Balloon Pregnancy Announcement

baby balloon pregnancy announcement

The Balloons with the word “BABY” are quite popular for pregnancy announcement. Always cute and never fails. You can buy the Baby Balloons on Amazon <- here

Baby Numbers Pregnancy Announcement

baby numbers pregnancy announcement

How about a number for each baby you have?! This one works no matter how many kids you have already, and I absolutely adore the idea! I used this one for our second pregnancy announcement. You can buy the Balloon Numbers on Amazon <- here

My own pregnancy announcement

Pins Pregnancy Announcement

OK, this is nothing fancy. But can you agree with me that its incredibly cute?? So cheap and easy to do too. I love the idea of the small tiny pin inside the bigger one.

pins pregnancy announcement

Eviction Notice Pregnancy Announcement

I find this one to be quite hilarious. I think the more you can get the older one to be upset in the crib the better (for the audience at least …)! 🙂

You can buy an Eviction Notice Sign for the crib on Amazon <- here

eviction notice pregnancy announcement

Books Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy books are another cute idea for a pregnancy announcement. Put in some funny faces are you will sure make people smile at the news!

books pregnancy announcement
Source here

Video Games Pregnancy Announcement

Does the dad like to play video games?! Then this one is SO for you! I saw this on Instagram and found it so incredibly cute and funny. Hope you enjoy it too. You can buy the bodysuit on Amazon <- here

Recipe for Baby Pregnancy Announcement

Another adorable one: what if baby was a recipe? You can buy a board with changeable letters on Amazon <- here

Mommy Shark Pregnancy Announcement

Are you a big fan of the Baby Shark song? Then, how cute is this one? The song has just got stuck in my head as I type this.

mommy shark pregnancy announcement

Multiple Kids Pregnancy Announcements

Are you already at your second, third, etc. baby? Then check out these cute and funny ideas below.

Oops they did it again” Pregnancy Announcement

Have a laugh and make it sound like a mistake 🙂

“We like the first two so much, we made another one: Pregnancy Announcement

I find this one very adorable. I wish I could do the same with a third baby… if only!

Baby for Sale” Pregnancy Announcement

Baby for sale! Not me -> that one!! I love the humor in this Pregnancy Announcement.

“Every Superhero needs a sidekick” Pregnancy Announcement

This one would only work for a second child I guess, but I really find it cute. Might work very well if your fist child has a favorite superhero. My daughter would want to dress up as Elsa from Frozen!

“Only child expiring” Pregnancy Announcement

This one would also only work for a second child. If only the first-born really knew what was coming …!

only child expiring pregnancy announcement

Movies Pregnancy Announcements

How about making the arrival of a new baby into a movie?? I really love this fun idea! You can find some templates online and create your own. Here’s some examples: the third one is my favorite.

Pregnancy Announcement With Dogs

Of course things get cuter when there’s animals involved. Do you have a dog? Then why not make it part of your pregnancy announcement with one of these ideas.

Halloween & Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

Do you have a baby due around Halloween and Thanksgiving? Then check out these super cute Halloween & Thanksgiving pregnancy announcements!

pumpkin pregnancy announcement
pumpkin pregnancy announcement 2
pumpkins pregnancy announcement

This one below is quite cute. And even though it may not make much sense to then use the bodysuit on your baby once he/she’s born, you can buy yourself a t-shirt with the same slogan, and wear it when pregnant! You can buy the t-shirt on Amazon <- here

Christmas Pregnancy Announcements

Is Santa bringing a new baby in your home? Then one of these cute Christmas pregnancy announcements might be perfect for you.

silent nights pregnancy announcements
christmas pregnancy announcements

Other Cute & Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Last but not least, if you feel like doing something very simple, you could also post one of these cute and funny pregnancy quotes. Some of them still crack me up: they are just hilarious!

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What’s Next?

Well, I really hope you’ve found your perfect way of announcing your pregnancy to the world. Whether it’s something funny with balloons or older siblings, I am sure your friends will be over the moon with the announcement.

If you are looking for some more specific ways of announcing pregnancy to family, have a look here for a list of funny and creative ideas!

Also, are you getting ready for the big day? Here’s some useful articles to help you get ready for labor and delivery!

And if you need some inspiration on how to name your baby, make sure to check out these lists of cute and uncommon baby names for girls, or for boys from The Experienced Mama.

Congratulations again and best wishes for your new adventure!

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  1. I love those Pregnancy Announcement Ideas!!! ♥ And you totally put the best ideas at the end! I really, really love the idea of dogs, Halloween and Christmas themed announcement! This is a very special moment and why not make it even more special! 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for your feedback! <3 I absolutely agree, getting pregnant (particularly the first time) is such a special moment in a couple's life. A cute or funny pregnant announcement to the world makes it even more special 🙂

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